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306 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS 35S Stainless Steel Cutters Features: Contoured frame allows for easy alignment while adjusting the cutter to make a cut. Ergonomic knob allows for easy adjustments. Now includes X-CEL Knob for quicker cutting. Cutting Cap. : 1/4 in - 1 3/8 in Applications : Tubing Cut Type : Wheel Cut SKU 632-29963 Constant Swing Cutters Features: Telescoping feed screw design keeps the cutter at the same length regardless of tubing diameter - good for tight spaces. Features an enclosed feed screw to eliminate clogging and jamming, grooved rollers for close-to-flare cuts, and a fold-away reamer. Now includes X-CEL knob and X-CEL pin for quicker cutting and wheel replacement. Spare cutter wheel included in the knob. Cutting Cap. : 1/8 in - 1 1/8 in Applicable Materials : Aluminum; Copper; Brass Cut Type : Wheel Cut SKU Jaw Material 632-31622 Zinc Alloy 632-31627 - Midget Tubing Cutters Features: Strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing, large knurled feed screw knob gives easy control of cutting pressure for clean cuts. The model 117 and 118 have all of the features on the No. 101 plus a self-feeding cutter wheel that automatically cuts after tightening the knob only once. The model 117 features a special knob for easier tightening of the feedscrew. Applicable Materials : Aluminum; Brass; Copper; Plastic Cut Type : Wheel Cut Handle Type : Screw Knob SKU Cutting Cap. Includes 632-32975 1/8 in - 5/8 in - 632-32985 3/16 in - 15/16 in - 632-40617 1/4 in - 1 1/8 in Spare Cutter Wheel Stored in Knob Tubing Cutter Parts & Accessories Tube Cutter Wheels Features: Precision-machined from high-grade steel. Engineered for long life and maximum cutting accuracy. Quantity : 12 per pack SKU Applications Blade Exp. Fits Model 632-33160 Aluminum; Copper 0.149 10; 15; 20 632-33185 Aluminum; Copper 0.149 101; 103; 104; 117; 118; 151; 152; 153 632-29973 Stainless Steel 0.12 35S, 65S 632-33165 Steel - SS 0.162 10; 15; 20 Tubing Cutters Heavy-Duty Tube Cutters Features: Unique design eliminates spiraling for clean cuts. Sturdy steel construction. Versatile applications. All Imperial tube cutters are 100% factory tested to ensure accurate cutting. Cutting Cap. : 1/8 in - 1 1/8 in Applicable Materials : Aluminum; Brass; Copper; Stainless Steel Includes : Roller w/Flare Cut-Off Groove; Reamer; Spare Cutting Wheel Handle Type : Screw Knob SKU Jaw Material 389-TC-1000SP Steel Tube and Hose Shears Features: Strong shears are designed to cut through plastic tubing and non-metal reinforced hose. They're spring loaded for safety - they close automatically, so you don't have to worry about the shears lying around open-bladed. Replaceable hardened steel blade. Cutting Cap. : 1/16 in - 1/2 in Applicable Materials : Plastic; Rubber Includes : Pop-Up Counter Display Cut Type : Blade Cut SKU Jaw Material Blade Material 389-307-FP Steel ORSNASCO.COM

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