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286 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Beveling Die Sets for Universal Die Heads Features: Designed for beveling pipes prior to welding. Complete beveling die set consists of three guide segments with one cutting segment. Durable beveling die sets work hard to get the job done. Pipe Cap. : 1 in - 2 in Used With : 97065; 97075; Universal Die Heads SKU For Model Type 632-50960 Universal Beveling Dies Bolt Dies for Use in Universal Machine Die Heads Features: Strong and durable bolt dies for use in universal die heads. Applicable to a wide variety of die heads. A convenient replacement to keep systems functioning for longer. Used With : Universal Die Heads: Nos. 504A; 711; 811A; 815A; 816; 817; 911 SKU For Model Type 632-48250 504A; 711; 811A; 815A; 816; 817; 911 Bolt Die 632-48245 504A; 711; 811A; 815A; 816; 817; 911 Bolt Die 632-48235 504A; 711; 811A; 815A; 816; 817; 911 Bolt Die Carriages with Levers for Model 300 Threading Systems Features: Durable replacement carriage with lever. Designed to work with Model 300 Threading Systems. Sturdy replacement lengthens life of product. Used With : Model 300 Threading Systems SKU For Model Type 632-68815 300 Carriage w/Lever Power Threading/ Geared Threaders Features: 141 threads 2 1/2", 3" 3 1/2", 4" pipe with one set of dies. 161 threads 4", 4 1/2", 5", 6" pipe with one set of dies. Jaw clutch prevents jamming. Simple adjustment for tapered or straight threads. Cam-type workholder set instantly. Fully enclosed gearing. Right hand only. Includes : 161; Dies; Wrench For Tightening Work Holder SKU Pipe Cap. 632-36620 2 1/2 in (NPT) - 4 in (NPT) Threaders Powered Accessories Armature Assembly Replacements for 700 Power Drive Features: Convenient armature assembly kit. Replacement part for use with 700 power drives. Durable replacement helps keep machinery functioning longer. Used With : 700 Power Drive SKU For Model Type 632-44055 700; 41935 Armature Assembly B294 Foot Switch Assembly Replacements for Model 1822 Threading Machines Features: Safely and quickly starts and stops the machine by depressing or releasing foot pedal. Durable replacement foot switch assembly. Designed for use with 1822 Threading Machines. Used With : 20000 SKU For Model Type 632-36642 918-I Foot Switch Assembly ORSNASCO.COM

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