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264 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Probes Soil Probes Features: T-style soil probe. Non-conductive. Easy-insert metal tip. Non-slip design makes it ideal for use in wet conditions. Nuplaglas handle. Handle Material : Nuplaglas Handle Type : Classic SKU Tip Type Shaft Length 545-69-401 Metal 48 in Rakes Flexible Steel Tine Rakes Features: Strong and flexible one-piece steel tines can't pull loose. Heavy-duty bolt-thru construction won't come loose. Tine Shape : Angled Capacity Vol. : 2.5 cu ft Blade Width : 24 in Blade Shape : Fan Shape Handle Length : 54 in Blade Material : Steel SKU Handle Material No. of Tines 027-1923700 White Ash 24 Forged Steel Blade Industrial Rakes Features: Durable, forged steel rakes are designed for leveling soil and loose materials. A seal-coated white ash handle provides strength, durability and a steady grip. Heavy-duty tines work to spread material evenly. Tine Shape : Straight Handle Material : White Ash SKU No. of Tines Capacity Vol. Blade Width Handle Length 027-1887000 14 4 cu ft 16 1/2 in 60 in 027-1880600 16 2 7 cu ft 17 7/8 in 66 in LAWN & GARDEN TOOLS Hoes Mortar Mixer Hoes Features: Tough, seal-coated northern white ash handle for strength and durability. Forged steel head, perforated blade. Durable steel ferrule provides additional reinforcement of blade and handle. Blade Length : 6 in Handle Length : 66 in Handle Material : White Ash Shank Type : 90 SKU Capacity Vol. 027-1868400 0.80 cu ft Picks Pick Mattocks Features: Practical implement for digging or breaking hard earth and soft rocks. Handle guard ensures that shaft is secured from coming loose. Forged steel head for added strength. Handle Length : 36 in Handle Type : Straight w/Handle Guard SKU Head Weight Eye No. Handle Material 027-1195000 5 lb 6 Hickory 027-1195100 5 lb 6 Fiberglass Post Hole Diggers Features: Digs deep holes below the frost line. Perfect for digging those necessary holes and footings, without bending over or straining your back. Spread : 6 in Handle Length : 48 in Blade Material : High Carbon Steel SKU Blade Length Handle Material 760-78007 11 1/2 in Steel 760-78006 11 1/2 in Fiberglass ORSNASCO.COM

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