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258 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS 1991 Regular Duty Utility Blades Features: For cutting light sheet materials. For fixed blade knives only. No. of Cutting Edges : 1 SKU Blade Shape Blade Tip Shape Type 680-11-911 Trapezoid Triangular Point Utility 680-11-911A Trapezoid Triangular Point Replacement Blade 1992 Heavy Duty Utility Blades Features: Fits most standard utility knives. Precision honed edge. No. of Cutting Edges : 1 Blade Shape : Trapezoid Blade Tip Shape : Triangular Point SKU Type 680-11-921 Replacement Blade 680-11-921T Utility 680-11-921A Replacement Blade 680-11-921B Replacement Blade 1996 Hook Blades Features: Edge protection, does not damage surfaces below. For cutting and trimming vinyl or linoleum floor covering, roofing, and similar material. No. of Cutting Edges : 2 Blade Shape : Trapezoid Blade Tip Shape : Hooked SKU Type 680-11-961 Hook Blade 680-11-961A Replacement Blade Bi-Metal Snap Blades Features: Bi-Metal snap blades are produced through a patented process of combining two types of metal, spring steel and high speed steel. Spring Steel allows the blade to bend without accidentally breaking. It also ensures that the blade snaps cleanly on the score every time. High-Speed Steel Delivers a hardened cutting edge that stays sharp 3x longer than traditional carbon blades. No. of Cutting Edges : 7 Type : Snap-Off SKU Blade Shape Blade Tip Shape 586-2086405 Trapezoid Triangular Point Bi-Metal Utility Blades Features: Welded Bi-Metal for sharp edge and flexible body. Stays sharper 3x longer than traditional carbon blades. SKU Quantity 586-2084300 50 per pack 586-2084400 70 per pack 586-2084100 5 per pack Traditional Carbon Utility Blades Features: Carbon construction. Works with all IRWIN utility knives. SKU 586-2083200 ORSNASCO.COM

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