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254 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Bimetal Hack Saw Blades Features: Provide longest life when cutting tougher materials. High speed steel cutting edges are hardened to Rc 65-67 to resist heat and wear. Flexible backers resist shattering, resulting in safer, longer lasting blades. Vacuum heat treating creates harder edge for faster, easier cutting. Width : 1/2 in Thickness : 0.0250 in Applicable Materials : Wood; Plastic; Any Machineable Metal Style : Standard SKU Cutting Length Length Teeth Per Inch 497-HHB1218 12 in 18 497-HHB1224 12 in 24 Bi-Metaloy Hand Hacksaw Blades Features: Molybdenum alloy tool steel edge. Tough flexible high carbon steel backing. Lasts twice as long as high-speed steel. Operates 20% to 50% faster. High tooth hardness and shock resistance. Thickness : 0.0250 in Teeth Per Inch : 18 SKU Cutting Length 183-62723 12 in Solid Flexible Carbon Steel Hacksaw Blades Features: Tempered to provide hard edge with flexible back. Specially hardened to induce toughness. Economy blade for sawing light to medium-hard materials. A good balance of wear resistance and mechanical shock absorbing properties. Virtually unbreakable. Width : 1/2 in Thickness : 0.0250 in Teeth Per Inch : 18 Applicable Materials : Most Metals Material : High Carbon Steel Style : Standard SKU Cutting Length Length 183-63145 12 in Key Caddy Features: Heavy duty. Returns keys and other articles automatically. With regular belt clip. SKU Material 681-63135 Stainless Steel Chain & Key Ring HANDSAWS & SETS Handsaw Blades Hacksaw Blade Features: High speed steel blade for cutting non-ferrous metal and steel. Fits hacksaw models ASTX649, ASTXE649, and STS325R. Thickness : 5/64 in Teeth Per Inch : 12 Applicable Materials : Non-ferrous metal and steel Material : Steel SKU Cutting Length Length 232-6-99-08-104-01-1 24 3/8 inch diameter 30 3/8 in Bi-Metal Hack Saw Blades Features: Flexible, shock resistant teeth that resist heat and are virtually unbreakable. Bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex without breaking. Cuts through tough metals. Width : 1/2 in Thickness : 0.023 in Teeth Per Inch : 18 Applicable Materials : Stainless Steel; Most Metals Style : Tuff Tooth SKU Length Packing Type Quantity 433-20144 12 in Pack 10 per pack 433-20116 12 in Bulk 100 per pack ORSNASCO.COM

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