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245 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Power Drive Dead Blow Hammers Features: Engineered to perform better than rubber or plastic face hammers. Hammer faces are abrasion- and impact-resistant. Designed to withstand severe striking applications and are surface protective. SKU Head Weight Head Length Handle Length 545-10-035 3 lb 5 1/2 in 14 1/2 in 545-10-045 4 lb 5 3/4 in 15 1/2 in Dead Blow Hammers Features: Steel shot. 30% more driving force with less effort. Eliminates sting, vibration, and rebound. For maximum safety in non-sparking applications near combustible materials.. Face Diam : 2 7/8 in Head Length : 5 in Handle Length : 14 3/8 in Color : Black SKU Head Weight Head Material 577-1431DB 4 lb Rubber Compo-Cast Sledge Model Soft Face Hammers Features: Non sparking soft face sledge hammers. Flat area on head allows upright storage. Urethane covering helps reduce noise pollution. Steel reinforced handle provides added strength and safety, resists breaking on overstrike. Dead blow function uses steel shot. Color : Orange SKU Head Weight Head Material Face Diam Head Length 680-57-550 5 lb Alloy Steel 2 1/2 in 7 in 680-57-551 8 lb Alloy Steel 2 60 in 7 1/8 in 680-57-552 10 1/2 lb Alloy Steel 3 in 8 1/4 in 680-57-554 11 1/2 lb Alloy Steel 3 in 8 1/8 in Hot Cast Sledge Head Dead Blow Hammers Features: Non-Sparking. Non-marring. Absorbs shock. Shot filled canister. Urethane with steel reinforced handle. Test & Approvals : FED SPEC. GGG-H-33a Face Diam : 3 1/4 in Head Length : 8 in Color : Safety Red SKU Head Weight Head Material 069-69-554 11 1/2 lb Plastic Polyurethane Deadblow Hammers Features: One-piece hot cast polyurethane construction for longer life and more elasticity. Head contains hundreds of steel shot for maximum power and control. Comfortable vinyl grip for ease of use and reduces fatigue. Face Diam : 2 1/4 in Head Length : 4 5/8 in Color : Gray/Blue SKU Head Weight Head Material 268-45E 45 oz Polyurethane Split Head Hammers Features: The split-head hammer does the work of six different hammers because the face can be easily changed. The BASA hammer has been the leading refractory hammer for decades. Used for installation and demolition of coke ovens, blast furnaces, and other applications where refractory brick (firebrick) is being installed or removed. Handle Length : 14 in SKU Head Material Face Diam Head Length 311-31003 Rawhide 1 1/4 in 4 3/4 in 311-31004 Rawhide 2 in 5 3/8 in 311-31005 Rawhide 2 3/4 in 5 3/4 in 1.800.678.6577

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