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244 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS Heavy Hitters Blacksmith Hammers Features: Blacksmith Hammer has polished striking face and ends of pein are generously beveled to minimize chipping. Durable. Overall Length : 16 in Head Weight : 3 oz SKU Handle Type Handle Material 770-S48 Straight Hickory Hammer Faces Features: Expanded wedge permanently secures the split-head casting to the handle. Natural, solid hickory wood handle is balanced for easy gripping and better control. Material : Rawhide SKU Face Diam 311-21003 1 3/4 in 311-21004 2 in 311-21005 2 3/4 in NUPLAFLEX Soft Face Hammer Striking Tips Features: Replaceable tip for Dead Blow and Quick Change Hammers. Color-coded for specific hardness. Injection-molded rubber. Designed to strike without scratching, denting or fracturing surface. Hardness Grade : Medium Hard Material : Plastic Tip Shape : Flat Used With : Impax Dead Blow Hammers; Quick Change Hammers SKU Face Diam Color 545-15-256 2 1/2 in Cream Wood Handle Nail Hammers Features: Fully heat treated and polished bell face. Forged high-carbon steel head. Exclusive rim temper reduces incidences of chipping or spalling. Overall Length : 13 1/4 in Handle Material : Hickory Head Material : High Carbon Steel SKU Head Weight Handle Length 680-51-616 16 oz 10 in Professional Fiberglass Hammers Features: Patented, hollow core fiberglass handle provides better balance and more effective shock absorption than typical solid fiberglass handles. Head "Sure-Lock " wedged and epoxy sealed. Slip-resistant grip, contoured for comfort. Overall Length : 17 in Grip Style : Slip-Resistant Head Material : Forged Steel SKU Head Weight 770-FS505M 24 oz Blacksmiths' Cross Pein Sledge Hammers Features: Forged steel head. Shatterproof fiberglass handle. Non-slip, comfort grip. Head Weight : 4 lb SKU Handle Type Handle Material 545-29-045 Classic Fiberglass ORSNASCO.COM

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