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24 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Saber Tooth Ceramic Resin Fiber Discs Features: Designed for all purpose weld blending, grinding, surface preparation and finishing. Designed for all-purpose weld blending, grinding, surface preparation and finishing. Resin bond technology with superior grain adhesion offers extended life. Grit : 36 Speed : 11,000 rpm Abrasive Material : Fiber Body Material : Resin Applications : Finishing; Grinding; Blending; Surface Preparation Applicable Materials : Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and other hard-to-grind metals SKU Dia. Arbor Diam. 804-59551 4 1/2 in 7/8 in Tiger Al-tra CUT Discs Features: Specially formulated for superior grinding performance on aluminum. Resist loading, ensuring higher cut rates and consistent contact with work surface. Built for endurance. Body Material : Resin Applications : Weld blending; Deburring; Grinding; Finishing Applicable Materials : Aluminum SKU Dia. Arbor Diam. Grit Speed Abrasive Material Mounting 804-59869 2 in 7/8 in 36 25,000 rpm Aluminum Oxide Arbor Hole 804-59821 4 1/2 in 7/8 in 36 13,200 rpm Fiber Arbor Hole 804-59864 7 in 7/8 in 60 8,550 rpm Fiber Arbor Hole Coated Flap Disc Abrasives Abrasive Flap Discs 747D Features: Premium ceramic mineral provides exceptional cut in the hardest metals. Resin bonded for heat resistance. Good for sharp edge work and flat finishing. Arbor Diameter : 7/8 in Speed : 13,300 rpm Abrasive Material : Ceramic Aluminum Oxide Tool Shape : T27 SKU Dia. Grit 405-051111-49613 4 1/2 in 36 405-051111-49615 4 1/2 in 60 405-051111-49616 4 1/2 in 80 Cloth PSA Discs Features: Premium aluminum oxide abrasive gives an excellent initial cut rate. For use on stationary disc machines for dimensioning and finishing workpieces and woodworking. Pressure-sensitive adhesive offers fast, convenient mounting. Grit : 36 Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Body Material : X-wt Cotton Mounting : Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applications : Woodworking SKU Dia. 547-66261136718 24 in CC Grind Solid Steel Grinding Discs Features: 40% more productivity due to ultimate stock removal rates compared with reinforced grinding wheels. 50% less noise and vibration during use. As tough and safe as a reinforced grinding wheel and 100% increased aggressiveness. Grit : Coarse Speed : 13,300 rpm Abrasive Material : Coated/Non Woven Body Material : Fiberglass Mounting : Arbor Hole SKU Dia. Arbor Diam. 419-61200 4 1/2 in 7/8 in Resin Fiber Discs Features: All purpose weld blending, grinding, surface preparation and finishing of metals, plastic, wood and fiberglass. Fiber-backed coated abrasive disc. For use with right angle grinders. Arbor Size : 7/8 in Grit : 36 Speed : 11,000 rpm SKU Dia. 804-59573 4 1/2 in ABRASIVES ORSNASCO.COM

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