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234 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS CONCRETE & MASONRY TOOLS Masonry Lines Winder Braided Mason Lines Features: Tightly braided line eliminates sag and twigging. With built-in cutting blade. Type : Manual Twist Recoil Winder Material : Nylon Resistance : Sag Color : Yellow Includes : D Handle; Built-in Cutting Blade SKU Line Length 317-11238 250 ft CRIMPING & STRIPPING TOOLS Crimpers & Strippers Crimpers Features: Designed for crimping of both insulated and non-insulated solderless connections and terminals. Slim nose shape for tight places. Perfectly mated cutters, scientifically heat treated to hold their edge. SKU Cable/Wire Size 140-909-BULK 10 AWG - 22 AWG Cable Strippers Features: Versatile tool for triple action stripping - rotary, linear, and spiral. Eliminates need for cable scoring. Includes long life carbon steel blade. Suitable for most jacket materials. Length : 7 in Handle Material : Plastic SKU Capacities Cable/Wire Size 332-1903 8 AWG - 1250 KCMI .18 in - 1.57 in Versatile Drill Press Vises Features: Rugged design and large workload capacity make these vises perfect for the most difficult drilling, tapping or reaming operations. The 1300 series is made of graded cast iron and offers a ground vise bed for a smooth, consistent jaw movement and hardened top U-groove jaws. The 1400 series is made of graded cast iron and features precision 90 machining of the vise's sidebodies, which allows them to be used additionally as bases. A rapid action nut exists on the 1400 series for fast loading and unloading of production material. the nut provides extra tightening capabilities. The sturdy main castings on the 1400 series provides extra strength and increased durability. Throat Depth : 2 1/8 in Jaw Opening : 6 3/4 in Jaw Width : 6 in Locking Type : Threaded SKU Jaw Material 825-63243 Steel Straight Pipe Welding Vise Features: Resists strain, heat, and warpage during tacking. Machined swivel nuts, pins, and special chain screws for trouble free assembling of the vise onto the pipe. SKU Pipe Cap. Material 632-40220 1/2 in - 8 in Cast Iron Bench Yoke Vises Features: Yoke and base made of strong, dependable iron. Hardened alloy steel jaws and convenient pipe rest and bender. Material : Cast Iron SKU Pipe Cap. Jaw Material 632-40080 1/8 in - 2 in Alloy Steel 632-40090 1/8 in - 3 in Alloy Steel 632-40100 1/8 in - 4 in Alloy Steel 632-40110 1/8 in - 6 in Alloy Steel ORSNASCO.COM

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