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230 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction HAND TOOLS MorPad Swivel Features: Bessey clamp service part. For 12/18/24/4800/SGL/SQ/ STB/GSL/GSM Series. MorPad tilts to 35. Patented construction extends clamp life at full capacity. Load Cap. : 1700 - 4880 lb (depending on clamp used) Spindle Diam : Fits up to 0.925 in diameter spindle (48000 series) Body Material : Steel SKU Opening Size 013-3100736 - Ultra Clamps Features: All new rugged frame, built for job site use. Smooth new roller clamping action for positive gripping. Stainless steel contacts & alignment screws. Operating handle repositions for close work. Fine adjustment screws for quick fit-up. Body Material : Stainless Steel SKU Opening Size 432-781130 1 in - 2 1/2 in 432-781150 2 in - 6 in 432-781170 5 in - 12 in Style No. 3200 Spring Clamps Features: With cushion grip handles and tips. Spring action with non-slip jaws. Overall Length : 6 in Jaw Material : Steel Body Material : Steel Finish : Zinc Plated Locking Type : Spring Locking Handle Material : Plastic Handle Type : Dual Grip SKU Opening Size Throat Depth 018-3202-HT 2 in Magvise Multi Angle 1000 Features: Instant On/Off-controlled magnetic vise that is portable and doesn't need to be bolted in place. Ideal for holding small to medium size pieces for cutting, grinding, drilling, beveling and sanding. Versatile grip for flat, round or odd-shaped pieces. Height : 5 2/5 in Length : 4 in Width : 2 1/2 in SKU Load Cap. 474-8100450 1000 lb MLAY 600 Lifting Magnets Features: Easy on/off actuation. Fast, easy positioning. Lightweight and compact. Holds flat and round non- flexing material. LOCKING HANDLE. Perfect for small material and light to medium lifting. Turns on and off with the simple 180 degree turn of a knob. Swivel Lifting Ring. Test & Approvals : ISO 9001:2008 SKU Load Cap. 474-8100089 175 lbs MLAY1000 Series Lifting Magnet Features: Provides the ability to use powerful lifter on thinner steel. Features full swivel hook for lifting from the top or side. Lightweight and easy to turn on. Replaceable pole shoes. Height : 11 9/10 in Length : 19 1/2 in Width : 12 1/10 in SKU Load Cap. 474-8100549 4016 lb ORSNASCO.COM

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