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23 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Blaze Coated Fiber Discs Features: Cooler cutting. Self-Lubrication for better finishes and longer life. Abrasive Material : Ceramic Body Material : Fiber Mounting : Arbor Hole Applicable Materials : Stainless Steel; Steel SKU Dia. Arbor Diam. Grit Speed Applications 547-69957398001 4 1/2 in 7/8 in 36 11,000 rpm Stock Removal; Edge Chamfering; Weld Blending; Deburring/Deflashing; Rust Removal; Cleaning & Finishing 547-69957398010 7 in 7/8 in 24 8,600 rpm Stock Removal; Edge Chamfering; Weld Blending; Deburring/Deflashing; Cleaning & Finishing Bluefire F826P Coated-Fiber Discs Features: High performance blend of ceramic alumina and zirconia alumina abrasive. Delivers 15% faster cut with less power draw. The perfect choice for high-pressure applications using steel, cast iron and other ferrous metals. Grit : 36 Speed : 11,000 rpm Abrasive Material : Ceramic Alumina; Zirconia Alumina Mounting : Arbor Hole Applications : High Pressure Applicable Materials : Stainless Steel; Steel; Cast Iron SKU Dia. 547-66261138456 4 1/2 in Bluefire R884P Coated Cloth Discs Features: Premium-grade zirconia alumina plus grain provide aggressive cut. Durable resin bond fortifies base adhesion and minimizes grain shedding. Semi-open coat retards loading on softer metals such as aluminum, brass or bronze. Grit : 24 Abrasive Material : Zirconia Alumina Body Material : Cloth Mounting : TR (Type III) Applications : Grinding; Deburring; Blending Applicable Materials : Soft Metals; Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; Wood SKU Dia. 547-66261138675 3 in Quick Change Discs Features: Premium abrasive and aluminum oxide blend. Special grain coating for durability and faster cut rate on demanding applications. Ideal choice for difficult-to-grind materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless, carbon steel and titanium. Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Body Material : Polyester Applications : Grinding Applicable Materials : Aluminum; Brass; Bronze; Stainless; Carbon; Stainless Steel; Titanium SKU Dia. Grit Mounting 481-69957399695 1 1/2 in 40 TR 481-69957399638 2 in 36 TS 481-69957399642 2 in 80 TS 481-69957399644 2 in 120 TS 481-69957399778 2 in 80 TP Bear-Tex Rapid Strip Depressed Center Wheels Features: Conformable. Open web construction. Thick and strong synthetic fibers. Removal of surface rust and residue, corrosion, light weld splatter, dirt, mill scale and other similar surface contaminants. Abrasive Material : Silicon Carbide Body Material : Type 27/Fiberglass Mounting : Center Mount Applications : Deburring; Rough Cleaning; Stripping Applicable Materials : Aluminum; Fiberglass; Iron; Steel SKU Dia. Arbor Diam. Grit Speed 547-66261009585 4 1/2 in 5/8 in 36/50 12,000 rpm Blank Disc Roll A290 Features: Delivers fast cut rate and consistent finish. Features heavy-duty C-weight backing. P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive. Excellent choice for dry finishing, painted surfaces, fiberglass and composites. Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Body Material : Paper Mounting : Adhesive Applications : Finishing SKU Dia. Grit Applicable Materials 547-66261149825 5 in 180 Wood; Plastic; Soft Metals; Fiberglass; Composites 547-66261149838 6 in 180 Wood; Plastic 547-66261149842 6 in 80 Wood; Plastic ABRASIVES 1.800.678.6577

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