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216 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction FOODSERVICE SUPPLIES Cone Cups Features: Disposable cup conveniently holds cold beverages. Conical shape helps reduce common-area litter. Rolled rim for strength. Material : Paper Quantity : 200 per package SKU Color Capacity Vol. 308-49972-C White 6 oz Paper Drinking Cups Features: Durable pleated-paper construction ensures strength. Concave bottom provides extra stability. Smooth-dispensing design helps minimize waste. Sturdy rolled rim designed for easy sipping. Material : Paper Dia. : 2 3/8 in SKU Color Capacity Vol. 597-W450F White 3 1/2 oz Paper Cone Cups Features: Keep a stack of these handy cone cups close to your water cooler. Tight-seal seam ensures leak proof performance. Easy, one-at-a-time dispensing minimizes waste. SKU Color Capacity Vol. Quantity 398-4.0KBR White 4 oz 5,000 per case 398-4.0KR White 4 oz 5,000 per case 398-4.5KR White 4 5 oz 5,000 per case 398-6.0KBR White 6 oz 5,000 per case 398-7.0KSE White 7 oz 5,000 per case 398-10.0KRF White 10 oz 1,000 per case Thermal Jugs Features: Leak-resistant lid and spout. Bail handle for easy carrying, aligned to lid for proper pouring. Stain and odor resistant liner with large opening for easy filling and cleaning. Width : 8.41 in Length : 8.31 in Height : 10.98 in SKU Capacity Vol. Color 325-1560-06-MODBL 1 gal Blue 325-1560-06-MODRD 1 gal Red Water Coolers Features: Drip-resistant spigots and leak-resistant screw-on lids. Insulated to keep water or beverage cold. SKU Capacity Vol. Color Width Length Height 325-1683-01-11 3 gal Orange 11 in 12.53 in 16.65 in 325-1841000 5 gal Modern Blue 12 875 in 14.75 in 18.875 in 325-1841106 5 gal Orange 12 875 in 14.75 in 18.875 in 325-1840999 5 gal Orange 14.75 in 12.875 in 18.875 in 325-1610-01-11 10 gal Orange 15.85 in 19.19 in 20.5 in CUPS & LIDS Foam Cups Features: Insulated for hot or cold beverages. Keeps hands comfortable on the outside. Ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice and soft drinks. Quantity : 1,000 per case SKU Color Capacity Vol. Uses Lid 209-8J8 White 8 oz 8UL 209-12J12 White 12 oz 12SL 209-16J16 White 16 oz 16SL ORSNASCO.COM

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