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212 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction FOODSERVICE SUPPLIES BAKING SODA Pure Baking Soda Features: Environmentally safe, all-natural product cleans sinks, counters, microwaves, refrigerators, pots and pans, tubs, toilets, pools, laundry and more. Sprinkle in garbage disposals, drains and grease traps for deodorizing. SKU Capacity Wt. Quantity 152-84104 16 oz 24 per case COFFEE, SUGAR & CREAMERS Sugar Canisters Features: Sweeten up your day with a little sugar in your coffee. Convenient reclosable canister keeps sugar fresh and easily accessible whenever you need it. Handy canisters are perfect for breakrooms and cafeterias. Capacity Wt. : 20 oz Quantity : 24 per case SKU Type Packing Type 707-00019 Sugar Canister Folgers 100% Mountain Grown Ground Coffee Features: Made from Mountain Grown beans - rich and aromatic. Consistent flavor. Capacity Wt. : 33.900 oz Quantity : 6 per case SKU Type Packing Type 608-00367 Regular Can COOLER & CHEST PARTS & ACCESSORIES Replacement Pumps for Dispensers Features: Replacement pump fits any Gatorade concentrate bottle. Makes it easy to measure and dispense concentrate. Color : White SKU Used With Material 308-49044 Gatorade Concentrate Bottle Plastic Cooler Racks Features: Adjustable, heavy duty, webbed cinch strap with metal buckle keeps cooler firmly in rack. Surface treated to withstand tough outdoor conditions. SKU Used With Material Color 385-25041 2-5 gal Coolers Wire Gray 385-25042 3-5 gal Coolers Sheet Metal - 385-25043 10 gal Coolers Wire - Igloo Cup Dispensers Features: Fits 5 gallon consumer cooler, and all plastic and metal commercial coolers (except 2-gal). Heavy duty construction - impact resistant plastic body with metal cap. Removable cap allows for easy loading of cups. SKU Used With Material Color 385-8242 4 - 4 5 oz. Cups Plastic Black 385-9534 6 - 8 oz. Cups Metal Gray ORSNASCO.COM

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