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210 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction FASTENERS, CLAMPS & STRAPS Tie Wire Accessories Tie-Wire Reels Features: Smooth aluminum alloy with wear parts made of steel. Easily removable cover plate, rewind knob. SKU Width 409-27400 2 15/16 in Tie Wire Mechanics Wires Features: Economical solution for many specialized applications. Controlled in production to secure full gauge, good finish and high quality. SKU Wire Size Material 132-77552 16 gauge Steel 132-77556 16 gauge Steel Tie Wires Features: These sturdy, versatile tie wires are efficient for indoor and outdoor jobs. Made of stainless steel or black annealed finish, the tie wires are essential for fastening items together. Wires have a high level of strength and are capable of handling heavy items. SKU Wire Size Material 132-77532 14 gauge Black Annealed 132-71572 16 gauge Black Annealed 132-16-SS 16 gauge Stainless Steel 132-18-SS 18 gauge Stainless Steel ORSNASCO.COM

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