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21 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Stikit White Gold Paper 214U Features: Aggressive, sharp, fast cutting and long lasting abrasive discs. Pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on the back ensures excellent adhesion to Stikit disc pads without adhesive buildup. A-weight paper backing is lightweight and flexible. Grit : P180 Speed : 10,000 rpm Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Mounting : Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Applications : Sanding Applicable Materials : Fiberglass; Metal; Paint; Plastic; Primer; Wood SKU Dia. 405-051141-31193 6 in Resin Fiber Discs Features: Ideal for blending, finishing and surface preparation. Ridgid yet flexible backing for the most demanding applications. Electrostically distributed grains for the most consistant grain application. Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Body Material : Fiber Backing Mounting : Arbor Hole Applications : Weld Blending; Grinding; Surface Preparation; Finishing Applicable Materials : Metal; Plastic; Wood; Fiberglass SKU Dia. Arbor Diam. Grit Speed 903-45A36 4 in 5/8 in 36 12,000 rpm 903-45A60 4 in 5/8 in 60 12,000 rpm 903-7A24 4 in 7/8 in 24 12,000 rpm 903-5A24 5 in 7/8 in 24 10,000 rpm 903-5A36 5 in 7/8 in 36 10,000 rpm Aluminum Oxide Resin Cloth Discs Features: Designed for intermediate/light pressure and dry sanding. Ideal for dimensioning and finishing of contours on metal and all species of wood. Abrasive Material : Ceramic Aluminum Oxide Mounting : Stick On Applications : Sanding Applicable Materials : Metal; Wood SKU Dia. Grit 481-05539520765 5 in 36 Roloc Fibre Discs 988C Features: They lock securely in place with just a half a twist, another half twist they're off. Constructed on a fibre backing. Grit : 36 Speed : 12,000 rpm Abrasive Material : Ceramic Alumina/Regular Alumina Mix Mounting : Roll On Applications : Metal Working Applicable Materials : Metal; Mild Steel SKU Dia. 405-051111-55753 4 in Stikit Cloth Discs 202DZ Features: Stikit backing provides easy application and removal-plastic liner prevents dust and debris from contaminating the adhesive. Static resistant open coating. Durable aluminum oxide abrasive on flexible j-weight cloth backing. Excellent choice for working on brass or aluminum. Grit : 80 Speed : 12,000 rpm Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Body Material : J-Weight Cloth Mounting : Adhesive-Backing Applications : Woodworking; Metalworking Applicable Materials : Aluminum; Brass SKU Dia. 405-051111-50450 5 in Stikit Disc Rolls 241D Features: Constructed on a X weight, durable cloth backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance. Grit : P50 Abrasive Material : Aluminum Oxide Body Material : Cloth Mounting : Stick On Applications : Metalworking Applicable Materials : Metal SKU Dia. 405-051144-21752 5 in ABRASIVES 1.800.678.6577

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