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209 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction FASTENERS, CLAMPS & STRAPS Band Clamp Tools Features: To be used to apply bands. Equipped with a spin handle that contains a retaining ring to keep the parts of the banding tool in place. Handle contains a retaining ring to keep parts in place. Type : Clamping Tool SKU Strap Width Band Width 238-F100 - Pistol Grip Tensioners Features: Fast, reliable, easy to use. Re-settable rack for additional take-up. One hand pistol grip operation is ideal for insulation and other light duty applications. Type : Light-Duty SKU Strap Width Band Width 682-M1800 - 3/8 in - 3/4 in Clamping Tools Features: Use to apply band, strapping and Free-End Clamps. Spring-loaded gripper lever and friction-held cutoff lever with plastic grip improves ease-of-use. Tension Cap. : 2,400 lb SKU Strap Width Band Width 080-C00169 - 3/16 in - 3/4 in Pok-It II Clamping Tools Features: Lightweight pocket tool with cutter. Portable and convenient for general banding tasks. Easy to use. Used With : Band-IT Bands; Band-Fast Bands; Other Brands Material : Plastic; Steel Handle Type : Straight Handle with Cutting Tool Type : Pocket Banding Tool SKU Strap Width Band Width 080-J02069 - 1/4 in - 3/16 in Stainless Steel Ties Hand Tools Features: Adjustable tension and automatic cut-off. Locks tie with the patented tie-lock and cuts off band flush with top surface of buckle. Tension Cap. : Adjustable Used With : 1/4 in Tie-Lok Ties Material : Steel Handle Type : Padded Straight Grip Type : Regular Duty SKU Strap Width Band Width 080-A92079 0.25 in - 1.800.678.6577

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