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202 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction FASTENERS, CLAMPS & STRAPS CLAMPING PRODUCTS Bands Stainless Steel Bands Features: 201 stainless steel offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents. Can be used with clip style buckles to create band clamps. Patented scale imprint on band eliminates guesswork and reduces costly waste. Length : 100 ft Material : Stainless Steel 201 SKU Width Thickness Tension Cap. 080-C20499 1/2 in 0 03 in 1,500 lb 080-C20599 5/8 in 0 03 in 1,875 lb 080-C20699 3/4 in 0 03 in 2,250 lb Totes Features: Color-coded for easy identification, these tough, new totes feature a convenient carrying handle and see-through design to show remaining band. Corresponding width buckles required. Length : 100 ft Material : Stainless Steel 201 SKU Width Thickness 080-C204B9 1/2 in 0.03 in 080-C206R9 3/4 in 0.03 in Type 316 Bands Features: 316 stainless steel banding with superior corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres, mild chemicals and fresh water. Used with BAND-IT Ear-Lokt Buckles. Utilized in general use banding applications for marine splash zone. Comes with Easy Scale patented imprint on the band to quickly determine band lentgh without waste. Length : 100 ft Tension Cap. : 1,800 lb SKU Width Thickness 080-C40699 3/4 in 0.03 in 2-Ear Clamps Features: Compact one-piece clamp for robust, secure connections. Clamp ear allows fast and simple installation - visible deformation provides evidence of proper closure. Deburred edges allow reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped. Length : 7.3 mm Material : Steel Coating : Zinc Plated SKU Thickness Clamp Dia. 320-10100004 .7 mm .1/4 in Steel Strapping Features: Permits reduction of container board strength. Withstands impact and resists abrasion. Is impervious to ultraviolet light rays. Has highly stable mechanical properties. Test & Approvals : Meets Federal Spec. QQ-S-781, Types 1 and IV, Class A coated finish; AAR Approved Material : Steel Coating : Painted and Waxed SKU Width Thickness Length Tension Cap. 705-1007980 3/4 in 0.02 in 1,960 ft 1,760 lb 705-1007005 3/4 in 0.023 in 1,710 ft 2,070 lb Buckles Ear-Lokt Buckles Features: Can be used with many types of Band-It stainless steel banding providing superior fastening strength. Ear-Lokt style buckle for standard duty applications including hose assemblies, cable bundling, and general fastening. Can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration. Band clamps can be formed over any contour or shape. Material : Stainless Steel 201 Quantity : 100 per box SKU Width 080-C25499 1/2 in 080-C25599 5/8 in 080-C25699 3/4 in ORSNASCO.COM

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