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199 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction WORK LIGHTS Cord-O-Lite Temporary Lightings Features: Evenly spaced sockets. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Cord-O-Lite temporary lighting string with plastic guard, commonly used with new construction and job sites. Test & Approvals : OSHA; UL Conductor Size : 12/3 AWG Cord Length : 50 ft Guard Material : Metal Type : Festoon Light SKU Bulb Type Voltage 172-07538 Incandescent 125 VAC Double Halogen Lood Lights Features: Heavy-duty, die-cast frame. Shadow Fighter Grills for maximum light output. Tempered high heat glass lens. Test & Approvals : UL/cUL Lumens : 20,000 lm Conductor Size : 18/3 AWG Cord Length : 5 ft Guard Material : Metal SKU Bulb Type Voltage 172-L14SLED Quartz Halogen 125 V WIRE PULLING GRIPS Chicago Grips Features: Lightweight, especially economical grips. Jaws shaped to provide maximum contact with circumference of cable, less likely to damage conductors. SKU Cable/Wire Size Load Cap. Jaw Length 409-1613-30 0.08 in - 0.2 in 1,500 lb 3" 409-1684-5 0 218 in - 0.55 in 8,000 lb 5" Haven Grips Features: For use when light, compact grip is desired and where conductor damage is not a factor. Swing latch to help hold cable in the jaw. Gripping pressure of the knurled jaw is applied to 1/4 in (635 mm) cable area. SKU Cable/Wire Size Load Cap. 409-1604-20 1/8 in - 1/2 in 5,000 lb 409-1604-20L 1/8 in - 1/2 in 5,000 lb 409-1625-20 0.280 in - 3/4 in 8,000 lb WIRE/CABLE CARTS & DISPENSERS Reel Stands Features: Wide welded steel base for added stability. Roller bearings fit in the spindle groove to keep the spindle in place and turning freely. Two stands and a spindle are required for a complete set-up. SKU 332-683 ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING 1.800.678.6577

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