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189 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Super SabreLite Flashlights Features: The Sabrelite has an exclusive state-of-the-art laser spot xenon lamp module that produces a tightly focused white light beam. Accidental turn on and mechanical switch failure is eliminated because of the rotary on/off switch. Test & Approvals : Ex (CE), CSA, FM, MSHA and UL Approved Batt. Type : Alkaline Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 12,000 cp Lumens : 33 Run Time : 7.5 h Lamp Life : 30 h Includes : Stainless steel split ring; Black lanyard SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Color Bulb Type: Xenon 562-2000C-BLACK 3 C Black 562-2000C-ORANGE 3 C Orange 562-2000C-YELLOW 3 C Yellow Brilliant Solutions LED Pen Lights Features: Handy pocket clip. Super bright LED with focusing lens never needs replacing. Three great colors-- orange, blue and silver. Up to 35 hours run time on alkaline batteries, up to 15 hours on Heavy Duty. Batt. Type : Alkaline Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 31 cd Modes : 1 Run Time : 6 hours on alkaline; 5.5 on Heavy Duty Includes : Batteries SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Lumens Lamp Life 620-BRSLEDPEN-B 1 AAA 3 100,000 h Flashlights with Krypton Bulb and Magnet Features: Extra tough hanging ring. Protected slide switch. Impact resistant to 7 feet. Shock-absorbing spare bulb holder. Smooth beam with prismatic reflector for close-in use. Strong magnet attaches to furnace, fuse box, refrigerator, cabinets and more. Spot to flood focus. Tough polypropylene body with barrier wall and bulb support system. Beam Concentration (MBCP): 382 cd with Heavy Duty; 465 cd with Alkaline Modes : 1 Run Time : 12 h Lamp Life : 15 h Includes : Magnet; Hanging Ring SKU Batt. Type No. of Batteries Lumens 620-IN2-KMLC 2 D 2 17 MityLite Plus Flashlights Features: Compact, lightweight and easy to fit into pockets, purses, tool kits, camera bags and glove compartments. Equipped with a belt clip and a handy tail button switch (on/ off intermittent) that can be used with only one hand. Attach to helmet with included clip for hands-free use. Made of an unbreakable material lens has a thermoplastic rubber shroud. Water resistant (not for diving applications). Test & Approvals : ATEX; CSA; MSHA; UL Approved Batt. Type : Alkaline Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 8,000 cp Lumens : 8.8 Lamp Life : 20 h SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Bulb Type: Xenon 562-2340C-YELLOW 2 AA SabreLite Recoil LED Flashlights Features: Recoil LED Technology produces a white collimated beam that's as bright as an incandescent light. Twist on/off lens shroud eliminates accidental discharge. Batt. Type : Alkaline Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 5,189 cd Lumens : 32 Run Time : 50 h Lamp Life : 10,000 h SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size 562-2010C-YELLOW 3 C StealthLite Flashlights Features: Corrosion proof. Resistant to extreme temperatures. Submersible. Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries. For hands-free operation, attach it to your hardhat with an optional helmet light holder. Test & Approvals : UL, CE, CSA, MSHA, and EX Approved Batt. Type : Alkaline Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 10,000 cp Lumens : 31.5 Modes : On/Off Run Time : 4 h Lamp Life : 30 h SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Color Bulb Type: Xenon 562-2400C-BLACK 4 AA Black 562-2400C-YELLOW 4 AA Yellow ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING 1.800.678.6577

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