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185 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction FLASHLIGHTS & LANTERNS Worksafe Flashlights Features: Features switch guard and spare bulb holder. Tough design with anti-roll feature and crush-resistant case. Lens ring accepts snap-in wand. Test & Approvals : ASTM; MSHA; UL Divisions 1 & 2 Class I, Group C & D,Class II, Group G, Class III, Operating Temp T4 Color : Orange SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Beam Concentration (MBCP) Lumens Run Time Lamp Life Includes Bulb Type: PR-2 120-13740 2 D 10,000 cp 50 200 h 15 h - 120-14460 2 D 10,000 cp 50 200 h 16 h Strap; Li-Ion Battery; Charger Bulb Type: PR-3 120-14720 3 D 15,000 cp 50 250 h 15 h - Worksafe Lanterns Features: Circuit breaking mechanism instantly disconnects bulb from power source in event of bulb breakage. Spare bulb holder. Oversize reflector for more light output. Waterproof and floating. Switch guard. Made in the USA. Test & Approvals : MSHA Listed; Division-1 UL Listed; CSA Listed; UL/cUL: Class I, Div 1, Group C & D; Class II, Div 1, Group G; Operating Temp T3B; Class I Zone 1 Group IIB & IIA Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 50,000 cp Lumens : 90 Color : Orange Run Time : 150 h Lamp Life : 15 h SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Bulb Type: Krypton 120-07050 4 D FLASHLIGHTS & LANTERNS Razor LED Flashlights Features: Constructed of super tough nylon. Deep dish reflector focuses the light from the high output LED. Ergonomically designed push button switch. Watertight seal (allowing waterproof, IP68, to 1 meter) for wet environments. Light intensity is at 6 feet. Intrinsically Safe. Optional holster #27425 available. Intrinsically safe. Test & Approvals : Intrinsically Safe-Zone 0, Worldwide Safety Std: IECEx Exia IIC T4 iaD T135C Ga, Da; European Safety Std: ATEX II 1 GD Exia IIC T4 aiD T135C; Equivalent to UL Rating Class 1 Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D, T4 and Class II Division 1 Groups E, F, G, T4 Lumens : 90 Lamp Life : 30,000 h SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Beam Concentration (MBCP) Modes Color Run Time Bulb Type: LED 120-60100 3 AA 7000 cd On/Off Black 22 h 120-60102 3 AA 7000 cd On/Off Safety Orange 22 h The Bright Star Industrial Flashlights Features: Faceted reflector. Patented lens ring stand offs. Switch Guard. Unbreakable Tuflexx lens. Sure-grip ribbed, crush-resistant case. Anti-roll design. Spare bulb holder. Lens ring accepts snap-in wand. Batt. Type: Alkaline Beam Concentration (MBCP) : 1407 cd Lumens : 50 Modes : On/Off Run Time : 200 hrs Lamp Life : 15 h SKU No. of Batteries Batt. Size Bulb Type: KPR-102; PR-2 120-10500 2 D ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING 1.800.678.6577

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