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177 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction SPECIALTY PRODUCTS De-Icers Ice-Off Windshield Spray De-Icers Features: Melts ice, snow, and frost on contact. Harmless to car finish. Thaws frozen locks. Effective to sub-zero temperatures. SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type 125-05346 16 oz Aerosol Can De-Icers Features: Melts frost and ice fast. Thaws frozen locks. Harmless to car finishes. Convenient and easy-to-use. Ozone safe propellant. Non-smear formula. Frees ice encrusted wipers. Applications : Windshields; Locks SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type 145-DI-11-5 11 1/2 oz Aerosol Can Finding Paste Regular Water Finding Pastes Features: Reformulated for better consistency and improved color change. Quickly and accurately detects water in fuel storage tanks. Mustard yellow paste turns red upon contact with water. Effective with gasoline, diesel and other solutions but not for ethanol blends. SKU Capacity Wt. Packing Type 296-WT25 2 1/2 oz Tube Spray Guns Features: Brass body spray gun used for spraying solvents to clean engines and other machinery. Extra wide trigger, lare control knobs, and an ergonomic forged aluminum body. SKU Body Material Feed Type Inlet Size Fluid Inlet 105-6530-0000-1 Brass Pressure/Siphon 1/4 in (NPSM) 3/8 in (NPSM) 105-6700-0000-5 Aluminum High Pressure 1/4 in NPS 1/4 in NPS 105-6121-4307-9 Aluminum Pressure/Siphon 1/4 in (NPSM) 3/8 in (NPSM) Thinners Lab Metal Thinner Solvents Features: For heavier application. Heavy-duty pads come with classic rail profiles and a range of clamp openings that will meet most needs. Liquid aluminum paste can be shaped, brushed or srayed. Dries to solid aluminum overnight and can be drilled, tapped, milled or ground. Thinner solvent for lab metal for painting/spraying. Ground clamps only need base surface metal for clamping. 250 Amps. SKU 013-LS-16 CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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