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170 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction High Heat Paints Features: Provides a clean, durable finish. Protects against rust. Dries to the touch in minutes. Packing Type : Aerosol Can Application Temp. Range : - Dry Heat Resistance : <150 F Applicable Materials : BBQ Grill; Wood-Burning Stove SKU Capacity Vol. Color 425-K01618 12 oz Stove Paint Black Industrial Work Day Enamel Paints Features: Industrial Work Day aerosol paints offer an economical solution to marking, color coding and miscellaneous spray paint needs where long term quality and durability are not required. Dries to touch in 12 minutes. VT alkyd formulation. Capacity Vol. : 16 0z SKU Color Application Temp. Range Dry Heat Resistance Applicable Materials Base Type 425-A04402000 Gloss Black - 70 F 325 F Metal Surfaces; Wood Surfaces VT Alkyd 425-A04404000 Gloss Red - Asphalt; Brick; Concrete; Grass Solvent Interior/Exterior Industrial Maintenance Paints Features: VOC-compliant acrylic lacquer formula, free of lead hazards. Hard, protective, durable finish. High amount of solids assures maximum coverage with excellent adhesion. Dries fast, in just 12 minutes to the touch. Tough, high-gloss finish. Uniform coverage. No recoat window, recoat anytime. Applicable Materials : Metal Surfaces; Wood Application Range : 50F - 90F SKU Capacity Vol. Color 425-K02101A00 12 oz Cherry Red 425-K01502A00 12 oz Flat White 425-K01601A00 12 oz Glossy Black 425-K01501A00 12 oz Glossy White 425-K02001 12 oz Hunter Green 425-K01901A00 12 oz Regal Blue 425-K01613A00 12 oz Semi-Flat Black 425-K01604A00 12 oz Shadow Gray 425-K01608A00 12 oz Smoke Gray 425-K01910A00 12 oz True Blue 425-K01602A00 12 oz Ultra-Flat Black DYKEM Opaque Staining Colors Features: Flexible and resistant to oils and solvents. Fast drying. Thin coating won't interfere with part operation. Repels non-ethanol base solvents. Can be diluted. Slightly thicker coating than transparent stains. Provides quick identification for a variety of parts without the color of the part showing through. Does not interfere with moving parts when applied as a thin coat. Dry Heat Resistance : 500 F Applicable Materials : Glass;Hard Woods;Metal;Plastics;Stone Base Type : Solvent SKU Capacity Vol. Color 253-81778 1 gal Dark Blue Crystal Clear Coatings Features: Provides a tough, long-lasting protective coating. Guards against electrical failures. Will not affect resistance values or conduct current. Seals porous surfaces. Air dries in minutes. Adds strength and water resistance. Impedes fading of flourescents and other paints. Protects documents. Dry Heat Resistance : 150 F Applicable Materials : Electronics;Radios;Stereos;Televisions Base Type : Acrylic SKU Capacity Vol. Color 425-K01301A00 11 oz Clear Farm and Implement Paints Features: Meets manufacturers' specifications for farm, vehicle, maintenance, lawn and garden equipment. Fast drying. High-gloss, durable finish. Packing Type : Aerosol Can Dry Heat Resistance : <150 F Applicable Materials : Farm Equipment; Vehicle; Maintenance Equipment; Lawn Equipment; Garden Equipment SKU Capacity Vol. Color 425-K01805 12 oz New Caterpillar Yellow CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS ORSNASCO.COM

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