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169 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Roller Trays Features: Paint wells and ramps allow easy roller rotation and pick up. Helps remove excess paint from rollers to reduce dripping and running. Type : Paint Tray SKU Capacity Vol. Material 425-11764290 2 qt Metal Tray Liners Features: Designed to make clean up easier. For use with roller trays. Constructed of quality materials. Type : Paint Tray SKU Capacity Vol. Material 425-99355600 1 1/2 qt Plastic Paints Scotchrap Pipe Primers Features: Quick-dry, non-sag rubber based primer that permeates metal surface pits and irregularities, preparing the surface for tape application. Compatible with the special adhesives on Scotchrap Tapes, it enhances adhesion. Applicable Materials : Most Metals SKU Capacity Vol. Color 500-42768 1 gal Black Construction Marking Paints Features: Mark is visible for up to 3 months. Designed to be used in Aervoe's #244 Spot Marker, #245 Marking Stick, or by hand. Lead free, non-clogging can. Adheres to almost any surface. Not recommended for use on turf surfaces. Capacity Vol. : 20 oz SKU Color Applicable Materials 205-247 Fluorescent Orange Gravel; Pavement; Soil 205-255 White Concrete; Grass; Gravel; Pavement; Soil Traffic Marking Roller Refill Features: Traffic marking roller refill is the perfect choice for accessing hard-to-reach areas, like corners and around and behind permanent fixtures. Sturdy refills won't leave fibers behind. Mini-roller can be used for line marking playgrounds, driveways, parking lots and outdoor basketball courts. Nap Length : 1/2 in Applications : Trim and Edging; Painting Around or Behind Fixtures SKU Size 425-690188840 4 in Paint Stripers Marking Wands Features: Constructed of durable, rugged plastic and lightweight steel. Comfortable pistol grip. Applies a uniform, 1" to 1-1/2" width of paint. SKU Type Used With 425-K07096 Marking Wands Marking Paint Paint Trays & Liners Tray Liners Features: Roller tray liner. Minimizes paint cleanup. Compatible with solvents and thinners. Type : Tray Liner SKU Capacity Vol. Material 449-RM410 1 qt Plastic CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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