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168 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Rol-Rite Roller Covers Features: Utility quality paint roller cover for general maintenance. For both interior and exterior use. Knit fabric covers. 2-ply polypropolene cores. Moisture and solvent resistant cores. Suitable for use with all paint types. SKU Size Nap Length Applications 449-RR925-9 9 in 1/4 in Smooth Surfaces 449-RR938-3 3 in 3/8 in Semi-Smooth Surfaces 449-RC130-4 4 in 3/8 in Semi-Smooth Surfaces 449-RR938-9 9 in 3/8 in Semi-Smooth Surfaces 449-RR975-9 9 in 3/4 in Rough Surfaces Roller Frames Features: Covers twice the area twice as fast. Pro Adjustable 12-18". Threaded for extension pole. SKU Size Width Economy Roller Frame - 1/4 in shank and 4-wire cage. 449-RF200-4 4 in 449-RF200-9 9 in Contractor Roller Frame - 5/16 in shank, 5-wire cage and metal ferrule. 449-RF209-9 9 in Heavy Duty Paint Roller Covers Features: Sturdy, heavy duty roller covers are a great choice for everyday painting tasks. Made from strong, 100% synthetic fiber. 4-ply phenolic core backing for added durability. Nap Length : 3/8 in SKU 455-4SC038 Multi-Pack Roller Covers Features: Roller covers are made with a durable polyester knit cover for long product life. Best suited for latex and oil-based paints. Nap Length : 3/8 in Applications : Walls; Ceilings SKU Size 425-11730790 9 in Chip & Oil Brushes Features: Brushes provide lasting, efficient service at minimal cost. Durable. Trim Length : 1 3/4 in SKU Brush Width Thickness Bristle Material Handle Material 804-40029 2 in 5/16 in Grey China Plastic 804-40185 4 in 3/8 in White China Wood Economy Chip and Oil Brushes Features: Economically-priced brush. Natural wood handle. Perfect for applications where disposable brushes are preferred. Trim Length : 1 3/4 in Bristle Material : White Bristle Handle Material : Wood SKU Brush Width Thickness 804-40066 1 in 5/16 in 804-40068 2 in 5/16 in 804-40070 3 in 3/8 in Paint Rollers & Covers Economy Twin-Pack Roller Covers Features: Economy twin-pack. Use a different cover for each color. For all inside and outside work. Suitable for use with latex paints. 100% polyester. Nap Length : 3/8 in Applications : General Purpose SKU Size Width 449-RC133-9 9 in CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS ORSNASCO.COM

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