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163 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Food Grade Silicone Lubricants Features: Dry film will not attract dust or dirt. Provides excellent lubrication. Contains silicone. Nonstaining. Ideal for releasing molded parts. Fast evaporating. Does not contain chlorinated solvents. Noncorrosive. Paking Type : Aerosol Can Applicable Materials : Rubber; Plastic; Most Metals Resistance : Dust; Dirt Temp. Range : -40 F - 500 F SKU Capacity Vol. Capacity Wt. 428-01716 10 oz Heavy-Duty Silicone Lubricants Features: Colorless and odorless. Dry, nonstaining. Eliminates sticking, binding and squeaking. Excellent lubricity. Ideal for rubber and plastic surfaces. Safe on most surfaces. Silicone-rich formula. Water-based formula. Paking Type : Aerosol Can Applicable Materials : Plastic; Rubber; Most Metals Resistance : Wear Temp. Range : -40 F - 392 F SKU Capacity Vol. Capacity Wt. 428-01516 13 oz Liquid Wrench Silicone Sprays Features: Provides slick coat of protection. Waterproofs parts, stops rust. Extends life of metal and non-metal surfaces. Clear, wet film protects. Non-stick coating repels moisture. Low odor. Paking Type : Aerosol Can Applicable Materials : Metal and alloy surfaces. Resistance : Water resistant Temp. Range : 120 F SKU Capacity Wt. 615-M9-14 11 oz Food Grade Silicone Lubricants Features: Harmless to Most Rubbers and Plastics. Wide effective temperature range . Excellent release agent and lubricant for all surfaces. Convenient 360 spray valve - can be sprayed from any position. Container Size : 16 oz Paking Type : Aerosol Can Applicable Materials : Most Metals; Rubber; Plastic Resistance : Weather Temp. Range : -40.0 F - 400 F SKU Capacity Vol. 125-03040 10 oz General Purpose Silicone Lubricants Features: Multi-purpose food grade lubricant leaves a clear residual dry film that helps prevent sticking without transferring to the surface. Slower dry allows for full penetration into rubber surfaces. 5% silicone formula. Will not harm most plastics. Repels water. Waterproofs ignition systems. Insulates, stops squeaks and sticking, prevents freezing. Brings life back to old rubber and weather-stripping keeping it soft and flexible. Container Size : 16 oz Applicable Materials : Metal; Rubber; Wood; Nylon; Canvas; Leather; Chrome Resistance : Water; Rust SKU Capacity Vol. 205-8034 10.5 Silicone Lubricants Features: Multi-purpose lubricant stops sticking, friction, squeaking, and binding of moving parts. Will not mar paint, rubber, or plastic surfaces. Waterproofs and electrically insulates. Non-gumming. Paking Type : Tube Applicable Materials : Most Metals; Plastic; Rubber Resistance : Alcohol; Moisture; Oil; Water Temp. Range : 400 F SKU Capacity Vol. Capacity Wt. 442-51360 5.3 oz CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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