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158 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Super Lube Aerosols Features: Provides more reliable lubrication and outlasts petroleum based greases and oils. Remains free flowing in freezing temperatures. High dielectric strength. Will not stain. Won't drip, run, or evaporate. Prevents rust and corrosion while reducing friction. Color : Translucent White Applicable Materials : Wood; Rubber; Leather; Plastic; Fabric Chemical Compound : Synthetic SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point 692-31110 11 oz 200 F Industrial Lubricants Features: Lubricates with oils, additives and PTFE. Penetrates inaccessible areas. Protects against moisture and corrosion damage. Color : Brown Applicable Materials : Most Metals; Wood; Plastic; Rubber Applications : Multi-Purpose Specific Gravity : 0 78 Chemical Compound : Petroleum SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type VOC Odor/Scent 425-TF20025 6 oz Aerosol Can 48.2% Mildly Fruity 425-TF20027 12 oz Aerosol Can 46.26% Mild Fruity 425-TF29200 18 oz Trigger Spray Bottle 48.2% Mildly Fruity Z-Works PTFE Lubricants Features: Leaves behind a friction reducing film. Premium, long-lasting lubricant. PTFE formulation penetrates rapidly to loosen parts frozen due to wear, corrosion, and grime buildup. Color : Amber Applicable Materials : Metals; Plastic; Rubber Applications : Industrial Machines; Office Equipment; Electric Motors; Shop Tools; Sports Equipment; Vending Machines; Locks; Hinges; Rollers; Bearings; Conveyors; Pulleys; Saws; Drills Chemical Compound : Ethanol; Petroleum Distillates SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 019-R07001 20 oz <140 F 50%; 430.1 g/L 0.86 Liquid Wrench Super-Penetrants Features: A powerful blend of quick-acting, fast penetrating solvents that loosens rusted nuts, bolts and parts in seconds. Dissolves rust and cuts through grease. Safe on painted surfaces. Color : Opaque Yellow Applications : Multi-Purpose Specific Gravity : 0.89 Chemical Compound : Petroleum Odor/Scent : Pleasant SKU Capacity Vol. Packing Type Flash Point VOC 615-L1-12 11 oz Aerosol Can 200 F <1% 615-L1-16 16 oz Bottle w/Spout 200 F <1% Rustbreaker Penetrants Features: Inhibits corrosion on unpainted metal surfaces. High-solids, non-staining white grease. Jet stream sprays up to two feet. Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, chlorinated solvents, or O.D.P. Fast acting. Creep properties. Equipped with Easy-Action Tilt-Spray valve. Color : Light amber Applicable Materials : Plastic Applications : Loosen Rust and Frozen Parts; Corrosion Prevention Chemical Compound : Aliphatic Solvent; Heavy Paraffinic Oil; Calcium Dinanylnaphthalene Sulfonate; Carbon Dioxide Odor/Scent : Vanilla SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 425-S00103 10 oz 205 F 85 % 0.87 The Protector #711 Lubricants Features: Spreads evenly over metal surfaces. Forms a continuous, ultra-thin film that resists the collection of abrasive particles on delicate contacts and connectors and penetrates to free corroded parts and mechanisms. Color : Amber Applicable Materials : Metal; Operating Controls; Electrical Circuitry and Connections Applications : Multi-Purpose Chemical Compound : Mineral Spirits; Heavy Paraffinic Oil Odor/Scent : Mild Solvent SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 425-S00711 11 oz 140F 0.768% 0 82 CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS ORSNASCO.COM

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