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157 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction X-357 Lubricants Features: A special extreme pressure lubricant that penetrates and adheres, and is water resistant and unaffected by temperature extremes. Contains moly-disulfide. Color : Black Applicable Materials : Metals Applications : Pintle Hooks; Slide Axles; Open Gears; Fifth Wheels Chemical Compound : Petroleum Distillates Odor/Scent : Solvent SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point Specific Gravity 293-L0149-063 11 oz <-18 C 0.97 Foaming Lubricants Features: A special blend of friction seekers, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors. Stop rust and corrosion. Displaces moisture. Eliminates squeaks. Color : Pale Yellow Applications : Loosen Rust and Frozen Parts; Corrosion Prevention; Lubrication Specific Gravity : 1.1-1.15 Type : Mullti-Purpose SKU Capacity Vol. 480-1615 16 oz Liquid Wrench Super Lubricants Features: Frees rusted parts. Helps stop corrosion on nuts, bolts, fasteners, chains, cables ,linkages, valves and fittings, lawn mowers and auto engines. Displaces water from wet surfaces and leaves rust inhibiting film. Dries out engines, spark plugs, coils, switches and wiring. Harmless to fabrics, plastic and leather. Color : Opaque Light Yellow Applicable Materials : Most Metals Chemical Compound : Alphatic Hydrocarbon; Carbon Dioxide; 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene; Naphthenic Petroleum Distillate; Trimethyl Benzene; Isopropylbenzene; Ethylbenzene; Hydrocarbon Fluid; Corrosion Inhibitor Odor/Scent : Sweet Vanilla SKU Capacity Vol. VOC Specific Gravity 615-L2-12 11 oz 23.5% 0.807 KB88 The Ultimate Penetrants Features: Aggressive formula. Formulated to attack and quickly release rusted and corroded nuts, bolts, hinges and other frozen components. High KB solvency value of 151 and low surface tension. Meets many local, state and federal VOC regulations such as CARB keeping the user within VOC regulatory guidelines. Color : Red Applicable Materials : Metals Applications : Bearings; Bolts; Chains; Conveyors; Corroded Fasteners; Hinges; Nuts Chemical Compound : Petroleum Distillates Odor/Scent : Strong SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 428-02316 13 oz 151 F 43% 0.875 Magnum Premium Lubricants with PTFE Features: Displaces moisture. Ideal for both regular and extreme conditions. Penetrates and protects metal against rust and corrosion. Provides complete surface coverage. Safe to use on most surfaces. Ultra high lubricity. Color : Brown Applications : Bearings/Valves; Cables; Dies; Fasteners; Engines; Hoists; Lifts; Draglines; Metal Parts; Production Equipment Chemical Compound : Petroleum Distillates Odor/Scent : Mild, Sweet SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 428-00616 11 oz 175 F 2.9% 0.85 - 0.87 TKX All-Purpose Penetrant Lubricants and Protectants Features: Displaces moisture. Does not contain CFCs, chlorinated solvents or silicones. Excellent protective coating for power/hand tools. Inverted spray valve. Loosens rusted or frozen parts. Nonconductive. Protects against corrosion. Safe on fabric, plastic, rubber, paint and other finishes. Color : Dark Green Applications : Bearings; Cables; Chains; Castings; Dies; Molds; Forgings; Gears; Machines Stock; Machinery Chemical Compound : Petroleum Distillates Odor/Scent : Petroleum Vanilla SKU Capacity Vol. Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 428-02016 11 oz 163 F 2.5% 0 83- 0.85 CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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