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155 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Multi-Purpose Lubricants Food Grade Penetrating Oils Features: Effective and efficient general purpose lubricant for use on food processing equipment. Penetrates and loosens rust, scale, corrosion and dirt to free corroded parts and fasteners. Contains no silicones. Color : Clear Chemical Compound : Mineral Oil Based Odor/Scent : None Type : Multi-Purpose SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size Flash Point Specific Gravity 125-03086 11 oz 16 oz 204 F 0.815 Power Lube High-Performance Lubricants with PTFE Features: Displaces moisture and seals out corrosion. Surpasses 3,150 lbs on Falex Load Test (ASTM D-3233). Withstands extreme load carrying situations. Contains PTFE for long-lasting protection. Color : Amber Applications : Multi-Purpose Flash Point : <20 F VOC : 4.1 lb/gal, 492 g/L, 68.2 % Specific Gravity : 0 768 Chemical Compound : Petroleum Based Odor/Scent : Wintergreen SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 125-03045 11 oz 16 oz Screwloose Super Penetrants Features: Facilitates fast and easy disassembly of mechanical components, fittings, assemblies and other fasteners. Clear formula contains no dyes and leaves no mess. Convenient 360 spray valve - can be sprayed from any position. Color : Clear; Amber Applicable Materials : Most Metals Applications : Nuts & Bolts; Pins; Screws; Bushings; Clips; Hinges; Lugs; Snaps; Caps; Locks; Washers; Sliding Mechanisms Flash Point : 112 F VOC : 50 %; 3.24 lb/gal; 389 g/L Specific Gravity : 0.803 Chemical Compound : Petroleum Based Odor/Scent : Pleasant SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 125-03060 11 oz 16 oz Lever Action Grease Guns Features: Constructed of heavy duty steel. Variable/short stroke for easy use in confined areas. Ideal for household and do-it-yourself automotive use. SKU Capacity Vol. Operating Pressure Outlet Size Outlet Type Designated Fluid Type 570-30-200 14 oz 6,000 psi Manual Ball Check Coupler Standard 14 oz Grease Cartridge Standard Lever Action Grease Gun 570-30-465 14 oz 10,000 psi 1/8 in NPT Deluxe Coulper Grease Industrial Lever Action Grease Gun Pistol Grease Guns Features: Convenient one-hand operation. Durable baked enamel finish. 2-way loading: cartridge or suction. Head cap port for adding air bleeder or bulk loader fitting. Outlet Size : 1/8 in NPT Outlet Type : Coupler Designated Fluid : Grease Type : Standard-Duty Pistol SKU Capacity Vol. Operating Pressure 570-30-300 14 oz 7,000 psi Lubricating Product Accessories Spray Applicators Features: 16 oz spray bottle is designed for bulk use of WD-40. Interior is treated to withstand the penetrating power of WD-40. Nozzle adjust to stream or spray. Includes : Empty spray applicator with adjustable trigger nozzle SKU Type Packing Type 780-10100 Applicator Case CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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