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151 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Grease Fittings Features: Precision engineering to withstand the rugged use from most automotive, farm and industrial applications. Steel fittings with corrosion resistant plated finish and built-in ball check. Connection Type : Male/Male Body Material : Steel Applications : Lubrication SKU Male Thread 570-11-100 1/4 in - 28 570-11-150 1/8 in NPT Grease Gun Accessories 14.4 V PowerLuber Batteries Features: Contact type provides for very efficient electrical transfer. Internally insulated. Long life - High capacity battery. Padded housing prevents damaged if dropped. Wide clip design secures battery while allowing for easy swap out. Length : 8 1/2 in Width : 6 1/4 in Height : 3 1/2 in; 8 1/2 in SKU Voltage Batt. Cap. 438-1401 14.40 V 1,700 000 mA-h PowerLuber Accessories Features: Automatically recognizes input voltage (12 or 24 volt accessory outlet). Charging system identifies damaged or shorted batteries. Internal protection keeps charger from becoming damaged by shorted batteries. Provides the flexibility and convenience of charging the 14.4v PowerLuber battery in either the standard 12v accessory outlet or the 24v accessory outlet found in some heavy equipment. Recharges battery in 1 hour. Will not overcharge nor damage battery. Length : 8 1/2 in Width : 6 1/2 in Height : 3.38 in SKU Voltage Batt. Cap. 438-1201 12 00 V 1,300 000 mA-h Grease Fittings Drive Fittings Features: Used extensively to avoid tapping costs in a wide variety of applications. Alemite serrated shank grips securely and simplifies the replacement of damaged fittings in old or oversized holes. Recommended only for low and medium pressures. Wrench Size : 7/16 in Connection Type : Male/Male Body Material : Zinc Applications : Industrial machines SKU Male Thread Length 025-1608-B 5/16 in 35/64 in 025-1728-B 1/8 in 33/64 in Hydraulic Fittings Features: Carbon steel fitting with zinc-plated finish. Used on industrial machines and heavy equipment. Test & Approvals : RoHS Compliant Operating Pressure : 10,000 psi Connection Type : Male/Male Body Material : Metal SKU Male Thread Length Wrench Size Applications 025-1610-BL 1/8 in (PTF-SAE) 11/16 in 7/16 in Industrial Machines; Heavy Equipment 025-1627-B 1/4 in (PTF) 7/8 in 9/16 in Industrial Machines; Heavy Equipment 025-1641-B 1/4 in (SAE) 35/64 in 5/16 in Industrial Machines; Cars & Trucks 025-1688-B 1/8 in (PTF) 57/64 in 7/16 in Industrial Machines; Heavy Equipment Grease Fitting Assortments Features: Standard American fractional sizes. Premium quality imported fittings only. Assembled in U.S.A. SKU 475-100-5 CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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