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147 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ThermaPlex Aqua Bearing Grease Features: Excellent resistance to fresh and salt water. Resists water washout. Good adhesion properties. Excellent corrosion resistance. Significant load carrying capability. Reduces wear. Reduces grease consumption. Greater degree of bearing protection. NLGI Grade : 2 Color : Amber Thickener : Aluminum Odor/Scent : Petroleum Applicable Materials : Metals Resistance : Water; Salt Corrosive Process; Water SKU Capacity Wt. Temp. Range Flash Point Specific Gravity 428-70514 14.1 oz -4 F - 302 F 400 F 0.96 ThermaPlex Hi-Temp Bearing Grease Features: Reduces risk of bearing failure at high temps. Excellent high temperature performance. Resists carbonization at high temperatures. Extends relubrication intervals. Very high dropping point. Ensures optimal production rates. Reduces grease consumption. Very good vibration resistance. Reduces need for multiple greases. NLGI Grade : 2 Color : Dark Brown Thickener : Aluminum Odor/Scent : Petroleum Applicable Materials : Metals Resistance : Impact SKU Capacity Wt. Temp. Range Flash Point Specific Gravity 428-70214 14.1 oz -15 F - 392 F >392 F 0.98 ThermaPlex Multi-Purpose Bearing Grease Features: Excellent load carrying properties. Extends re-lubrication periods. Prolongs bearing life. Good corrosion resistance. Ideal for lubricating all types of bearings. Reduces grease consumption. Packing Type : Cartridge NLGI Grade : 2 Color : Blue Thickener : Lithium Odor/Scent : Petroleum Applicable Materials : Metals SKU Capacity Wt. Temp. Range Flash Point Specific Gravity 428-70614 14.1 oz -22 F - 350 F >392 F 1 Heavy Duty Open Gear & Wire Rope Lubes Features: A high-grade moly grease that won't become brittle, is not affected by weather, and has outstanding adhesion properties. Minimizes internal friction. Withstands extreme pressures with maximum adhesion. Displaces water to provide excellent rust and corrosion protection. Prevents metal bearing surfaces from becoming crazed and brittle. Withstands wash downs. Migrates on metal surfaces to the core of wire rope and spring windings. Color : Black Thickener : Oxidized Asphalt Applications : Drive Chains; Open Gears; Screw Threads; Die-Set Leader Pins SKU Capacity Vol. Temp. Range Specific Gravity Flash Point 205-7045 12 oz 0 F - 250 F 0.8 <0 F Clover Silicon Carbide Grease Mix Features: Standard abrasive paste for fast metal removal. Produces a smooth, flat surface but not a polished one. Leaves a rust preventing film on lapped surfaces. Uses include lapping and honing and grinding activities for valve seats, gear teeth, dowel holes in dies, bushings, and more. Packing Type : Can Color : Gray/Black Applicable Materials : Metals Applications : Valve Seats; Gear Teeth; Dowel Holes; Seals; Castings; Machining Parts; Shafts; Knives; Cutting Blades SKU Capacity Wt. Grit Flash Point Specific Gravity 442-39473 1 lb 80 >199.4 F 1.1 - 1.24 442-39510 1 lb 320 >199.4 F 1.1 - 1.24 Red and Redi Multi-Purpose Red Grease Features: Prevents rust, corrosion and oxidation. Red color allows easy visual inspection. Remains effective at extremely high temperatures. Penetrates quickly. Reduces friction and vibration. Resists shock. NLGI Grade : 2 Color : Red Thickener : Bentone Clay Applicable Materials : Metals SKU Capacity Vol. Temp. Range Flash Point Specific Gravity 428-05816 11 oz -22 F - 450 F > -20 2 F 0.77 - 0.8 CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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