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145 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction w/EP-Xtra Features: Outstanding performance for any cutting operation on any metal. Absolutely without equal on hard metals and on cuts requiring extreme pressure or long cutting times. SKU Packing Type 702-10128E Can 702-10004E Can w/Spout 702-10640E Can 702-10012EL Aerosol Can 702-10016E Plastic Container XTRA-THICK Cutting Fluids Features: Extreme performance for hard metals. Virtually eliminates work hardening. Single application stays with tool for cuts with long duration-all the way to the bottom of most holes. Clinging action keeps fluid on work piece during high-speed rotation. Contains the proprietary EP-X? additive for a performance boost. SKU Applicable Materials Container Size 702-70016T Inconel; Pipe Threading; Stainless; Titanium 16 oz Jump Start Starting Fluid with Lubricity Features: Assures fast, economical starts in extremely cold or humid climates. Upper cylinder lubricant minimizes wear during cold starts. Effective to -65F. For diesel and gasoline engines. Applications : Engine SKU Container Size Odor/Scent 125-05671 16 oz Ether Motor Medic Starting Fluids Features: Designed for all gasoline engines and diesel engines without glow plugs. Effective to -65F. Contains an upper-cylinder lubricant. SKU Container Size Type 615-M35-15 11 oz Instant - Highest Ether content. 615-M38-15 11 oz Thrust - Quick start in extreme cold conditions Liquid Lubricants Features: The original, proven, safe tapping fluid made from a unique blend of synthetic additives for use on all metals. Does not contain 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane. No mineral oils or solvents. No oily residue. SKU Applicable Materials Packing Type 648-71912 All Metals Bottle Paste Lubricants Features: A gel-like paste for use where liquid tapping fluids are not desired. All natural ingredients. Ideal for tapping blind holes. Container Size : 8 oz SKU Applicable Materials Packing Type 648-71908 All Metals Jar Aluminum Features: Use for any and all cutting operations on aluminum. Yields a beautiful micro-fine finish. Ozone-friendly and completely free of 1,1,1 trichloroethane. Dissipates heat rapidly and provides closer tolerances. Also highly effective on magnesium and other nonferrous metals. SKU Applicable Materials Packing Type Container Size 702-20016A - Can w/Spout - 702-20128A Aluminum Can 1 gal ProTap Features: Our original biodegradable cutting fluid. Totally free of all regulated chemicals. Highly effective for all cutting operations on all metals. Extends tool life. SKU Packing Type 702-30004P Can w/Spout 702-30012PL Aerosol Can 702-30016P Can w/Spout CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 1.800.678.6577

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