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144 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction Tapmatic Natural Cutting Fluids Features: Nontoxic and Nonhazardous. Biodegradable. Does not irritate the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. Does not contain sulfur, chlorine, chlorinated solvents, water, mineral oil, or inactive fillers. Great for steel and aluminum. High performance lubricating ability eliminates galling and seizing. SKU Applicable Materials Container Size 428-44220 All Metals 16 oz Tapmatic TriCut Cutting Fluids Features: Excellent on stainless steel and other hard to machine metals. Suitable for most metals except aluminum. Provides smooth, accurate cutting action. Flows directly to cutting edge. Extends tool life. Improves surface finish. Allows increased removal rates. Reduces friction. Suitable for high and low speed applications. Is non-corrosive to steel. SKU Applicable Materials Container Size 428-05316 Most Metals; Not Recommended for Aluminum 16 oz Rapid Tap Metal Cutting Fluids Features: Greatly extends tool life. Super-fine machined finish in operation after operation. Excels in tough materials. Contains no 1,1,1-trichloroethane or other ozone-depleting chemicals. SKU Packing Type 618-01G-NRT Plastic Jug 618-RAPTAP-PTNEW Can Tapmatic AquaCut Cutting Fluids Features: Water-based formula. Excellent in appilcations where cooling of the tool is desired. Nonflammable. Nonhazardous. Does not contain sulfur, chlorine, or oils. Safe on all metals, except magnesium. Corrosion inhibitors prevent flash rusting. Provides fine finishes. SKU Applicable Materials Container Size 428-01216 All Metals Except Magnesium 16 oz Tapmatic Edge Creme Cutting Fluids Features: Excellent for vertical applications. Biodegradable. Apply to cutting tools before tapping or reaming. Squeeze tube allows easy usage. Does not contain any hazardous chemicals. Ecological and economical. For use when drilling, tapping blind holes, forming, bending, pre-coating fasteners and lubricating rubber seals. SKU Applicable Materials Container Size 428-43100 All Metals 10 oz Tapmatic Edge Lube Cutting Fluids Features: White solid waxy bar. Biodegradable. Excellent for belt, wheel, or disc grinding, and sawing applications. Eliminates heat build-up and belt loading. Does not contain any hazardous chemicals. Extends grinding wheel life. Low toxicity. Container Size : 13 oz SKU Applicable Materials Packing Type 428-43200 All Metals Stick CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS ORSNASCO.COM

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