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143 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Krytox Dry Film P.T.F.E. Mold Release Lubricants Features: Made with DuPont Krytox dry film. Non-silicone mold release. Exceptional anti-stick properties that will not transfer to finished parts. Compatible with most moldable resins, elastomeric compounds, urethanes and styrenes. Won't attack rubber, paints or metals. Will not interfere with post-finishing operations. Contains fluoropolymer. Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, chlorinated solvents, silicone, or O.D.P. Color : White Applicable Materials : Plastic; Rubber; Most Metals Odor/Scent : Mild Solvent SKU Temp. Range Specific Gravity 425-S00311 575 F 0 79 Fluids Band-Ade Semi-Synthetic Sawing Fluids Features: Put a Band-Ade on your machinery, with a semi-synthetic sawing fluid that reduces machine wear and improves band saw blade tool life. Water-soluble formulation helps to reduce frictional heat and improves cutting performance. Faster cutting and reduced machine wear increases efficiency. Products are safe for the operator to use with no harmful chemicals, such chlorine and sulphur. Surfaces can be welded or painted over. SKU Applicable Materials Packing Type 433-68004 Ferrous Metals; Non-Ferrous Metals Bottle 433-68003 - Pail Tapmatic #1 Gold Cutting Fluids Features: Excellent for steel and aluminum. For low speed, high pressure applications. Minimizes torque increases. Does not contain chlorinated paraffins, water, solvents, or inactive fillers. Aerosol provides a pinpoint stream with foaming action. SKU Applicable Materials Packing Type Container Size 428-40330 All Metals Jug 1 gal 428-40312 All Metals Aerosol Can 11 wt oz 428-40320 All Metals Bottle 16 fl oz Force 842 Dry Moly Lubricants Features: Fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Provides a quick-drying, thin film. For assembly and break-in lubrication. Works under high temperature: 842 F (450 C) and pressures: 100,000 psi (6890 Bars). Prevents seizure of parts. High adhesion. Excellent for cables. Not recommended for friction bearings or light-duty bearings. Fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Type : Moly Dry Film Color : Dark Gray/Black Odor/Scent : Characteristic SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size Temp. Range Specific Gravity 428-02516 11 oz 16 oz 842 F 0.74 - 0 76 Dry Graphite Lubes Features: Ideal where a dry lubricant is required or where petroleum products must be avoided. Adheres with minimum pre-treatment. Dries rapidly at room temperature. Effective up to 850 F constant/1000 F intermittent temperature. Contains no chlorinated solvents or O.D.P. Conductive. Long wearing. .123 friction coefficient. Color : Black SKU Odor/Scent Temp. Range Specific Gravity 425-S00204 Mild Solvent 850 F 0.63 Dry Moly Lubricants Features: Penetrates pores of substrate and bonds to surface for long-lasting lubrication. Withstands high pressures up to 50,000 psi. Contains no chlorinated solvents or O.D.P. Air dries in 5-to-10 minutes, cures in 2 hours at room temperature. Works as boundary lube to as cold as -200 F. Works to 750 F intermittently. Non-conductive. DanVern standard valve. Color : Gray SKU Odor/Scent Temp. Range Specific Gravity 425-S00200 Mild Solvent -30 F - 650 F 0 71 1.800.678.6577

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