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142 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Moly-Mist Dry Film Lubricants Features: Non-flammable. Prevents galling. Reduces torque. Type : Moly Dry Film Packing Type : Aerosol Can Color : Black Applicable Materials : Glass; Iron; Most Metals; Plastic; Rubber; Wood Odor/Scent : Ketone Type SKU Temp. Range Specific Gravity 399-16041 -300 F - 750 F 0.9 Krytox RFE PFPE High Performance Lubricants Features: Specially-formulated synthetic grease designed to provide long-lasting lubrication for all types of moving and/or sliding parts. This lubricant provides corrosion protection and wear resistance over a broad temperature range. Test & Approvals : 2 Type : RFE PFPE O-Ring Dry Film Color : White Applicable Materials : Most Metals; Plastic; Rubber Odor/Scent : Odorless SKU Temp. Range Specific Gravity 442-29710 -15 F - 500 F 1.89 - 1.93 Dry Film Silicone Lubricants Features: Dry, thin film won't attract dust or dirt. Provides excellent lubrication. Ideal for releasing molded parts. Nonflammable. Does not contain silicone or chlorinated solvents. Safe on most surfaces. Type : Mold Release Silicone Packing Type : Aerosol Can Temp. Range : 500 F Odor/Scent : Ether-like SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size Color Applicable Materials Specific Gravity 428-01616 12 oz 16 oz Clear Rubber; Wood; Glass; Metal; Plastic 0.74 - 0.76 428-02616 12 oz 16 oz White Plastic; Metal; Rubber 0.79 - 0.81 Dry Moly Lubricants Features: Withstands extreme temperature and pressure. Contains no oils or moisture-based diluents. Quick drying. Tight adhesion. Type : Dry Moly Lubricant Packing Type : Aerosol Can Temp. Range : -100 F - 700 F Color : Grayish/Black Applicable Materials : Metals;Rubber Odor/Scent : Ketone Specific Gravity : 0.73 SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 205-6080 11.6 oz Graphokote 495 & 410-S Features: Alternative products to the GK 50, 95, and 110-S dry film lubricants line, reformulated with an environmentally friendly, non-HAPs solvent. Offer reduced odor and VOC content while maintaining excellent performance and drying characteristics. Type : Dry Film Lubricant Packing Type : Can Temp. Range : - Color : Black Applicable Materials : Metals SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 463-GK495-1GAL 1 gal Lubricating Natural Graphite Features: Finely powdered particles for lubrication of mechanisms with close fitting bearing surfaces. Use on slug mouth pieces, typesetting machines, gas pot and burner assemblies. Also for surfaces subjected to high temperatures, pressures and motion, as well as for bushing or swabbing on cylinders, piston rods and crosshead guides. Sieve size minus 200 mesh. Type : Flake Packing Type : Can Temp. Range : >350 F Color : Dark Gray Applicable Materials : Slug mouth pieces; Typesetting machines; Gas pot and burner assemblies SKU Container Size 463-L6355 5 lb ORSNASCO.COM

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