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140 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS 140 2016 CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Bloxide Rust Preventive Weldable Coatings Features: Prevents rust formation even after extended period of storage in open yards. Ease of striking the arc directly on the coating - need no removal/cleaning prior to welding. Being aluminum based, it ensures x-ray quality weld as aluminum acts as a scavenger. Does not create hazardous fumes or odor upon welding on the coating. Temp. Range : 800 F Color : Silver Applicable Materials : Steel Applications : Marine and offshore fabrication; almost all steels; paint and coating primer Flash Point : 75 F Specific Gravity : 0.918 Type : Weldable Primer Coating Recommended Film Thickness : Wet: 3 mil; Dry: 0.75 mil SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size Packing Type 719-BL4GL 1 gal Can 719-BL5GL 5 gal Pail 719-BLAR 12 oz Aerosol Can Brite Zinc Cold Galv Features: Repair damaged or welded galvanizing. Weld-thru, fast dry, meets ASTM A780. Brite silver, matches hot-dip. Temp. Range : -45 F - 450 F Applicable Materials : Galvanized Steel Applications : Rust and Corrosion Prevention Chemical Compound : Zinc-Rich Type : Rust/Corrosion Prevention SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size Packing Type Color Flash Point VOC Specific Gravity 388-B-100 12.5 oz 16 oz Aerosol Can Clear <-25F 5.18 lb/gl 0.896 388-B-200 1 gal 1 gal Can Silver 45 F 5 21 lb/gl 1.42 Silver Galv Coatings Features: Produces a dry coating with the bright finish of hot-dip galvanizing. Recommended dry film thickness of 1.5 to 3.0 mils. VOC-compliant. 400 F dry heat and 100 F wet heat (non-immersion) resistance. Resists aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and chlorinated solvents. Temp. Range : 400 F Color : Silver Applicable Materials : Iron; Steel Applications : Inhibits rust and corrosion Chemical Compound : Alkyd Flash Point : <0 F VOC : 0.49% Specific Gravity : 0.87 Type : Anti-Corrosion Coating Recommended Film Thickness : 1.5 - 3 mil SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 425-S00739 14 oz Zinc-Rich Cold Galvanizing Compounds Features: Fast-drying, high-solids, high performance, epoxy-based coating. Provides maximum protection to steel exposed to severe corrosive environments. 97%-pure zinc dust. Anti-sag and anti-settling properties. Fill Amount : 14 oz Temp. Range : 400 F Color : Gray Applicable Materials : Most Metals; Steel Applications : Automotive; Marine Facilities; Nuclear Facilities; Power Plants; Refineries; Industrial Tanks; Welding Joints; Bridges; Farm Equipment; Fencing; Transmission Towers Chemical Compound : Propane; Butane; Heptane; Light Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvent; Toluene; Methyl Ethyl Ketone; Zinc Odor/Scent : Chemical Scent Flash Point : <0 F VOC : 48% Specific Gravity : 1.16 Type : Anti-Corrosion Coating Recommended Film Thickness : 1-2.5 mils wet SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 425-S00740 14 oz 16 oz ORSNASCO.COM

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