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138 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Rust-Guard Features: Specialized water-displacing formula dries t thin waxy film to seal out moisture and corr Penetrates into small crevices. Will not dry out, harden or crack. Test & Approvals : A-A-59295 (S/S MIL-PRF-6 MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 1 & 2; Nato - C620, C6 D-1310; ASTM B-117) Packing Type : Pail Temp. Range : 55F - 100F Color : Green/Blue Green Applicable Materials : All metal and alloy surfaces. Not recommended for oxygen service. Applications : Long-term protection from rust and corrosion for a variety of industrial, marine, aviation, and oilfield applications Chemical Compound : Solvent naphtha (petroleum), medium aliphatic; Oxidized petroleum resins, calcium salt; Calcium petroleum sulfonate Odor/Scent : Petroleum VOC : 193.4 g/L Specific Gravity : 0.85 Type : Rust/Corrosion Prevention Recommended Film Thickness : 0.5 mm SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 399-13235 5 gal Cold Galvanize Corrosion Inhibitors Features: 95% zinc-rich galvanized coating. Works as a hot dip on ferrous metals indoors and out. Withstands water temperature up to 212 F (100 C) and continuous dry heat up to 750 F (400 C). Flexible coating will not yellow, chalk, crack, or peel. Electrochemically protects bare metal. Dries in 3 - 5 minutes. Packing Type : Aerosol Can Temp. Range : - Color : Light Gray Applicable Materials : Metals Applications : Anti-Corrosion Chemical Compound : Zinc Odor/Scent : Aromatic Flash Point : <73.4 F VOC : 76% Specific Gravity : 1.76 Type : Anti-Corrosion Coating Recommended Film Thickness : 3 mils (Wet); 1.5 mils (Dry) SKU Capacity Vol. 428-00516 14 oz Ultra Brand Bright Zinc Galvanizing Features: Produces a hard coat that will stop rust on all metals. Contains metallic zinc dust, resin and other additives to provide the look of new galvanizing. Equivalent to hot dip galvanizing in cathodic protection, film durability and protection against caustic action salt spray. Dries to touch in one hour. Produces bright finish. Packing Type : Aerosol Can Temp. Range : 120F Color : Silver Applicable Materials : All Metal Surfaces Applications : Stops Rust and Corrosion on Metal Surfaces Chemical Compound : Aluminum Dust;Metallic Zinc Odor/Scent : Chlorinated Solvent Odor Specific Gravity : - Type : Anti-Corrosion Coating SKU Capacity Vol. 368-DF305-16 16 oz Fluid Film Preventive & Lubricants Features: Is a lanolin based rust/corrosion preventive and lubricant that provides long term protection and lubrication for all metal surfaces. Locks out and displaces moisture while lubricating moving parts for extended periods of time. Packing Type : Aerosol Can Temp. Range : - Color : Straw Applicable Materials : All Metal Surfaces Applications : Bolts;Cables;Chains;Firearms;Hedge Trimmers;Hinges;Locks;Metal Moving Parts;Mower Decks;Nuts;Rollers;Shafts;Sliders;Snow Equipment;Tools;Valves Chemical Compound : Petroleum Oil Odor/Scent : Piney Flash Point : 405 F VOC : < 25% Specific Gravity : 0.875 - 0.885 Type : Anti-Corrosion Coating SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 275-AS11 11 3/4 oz ORSNASCO.COM

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