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135 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Moly Chain & Pin Bushing Lubes Features: Foaming action penetrates close tolerances of chain drive bushings and pins. Reduces wear, increases chain life up to three times when applied regularly . Spray-Any-Way valve for application in upright or inverted position. Non-drying. Long lasting. Contains no chlorinated solvents or O.D.P. Temp. Range : -20F - 300F Color : Amber Odor/Scent : Mild Solvent Applicable Materials : Most Metals Applications : Chain drives and pins, link & roller assemblies, machinery, work stand rollers, conveyors, sprockets, clippers, cutter bars, chain saws Resistance : Wear VOC : 0.318% Specific Gravity : 0 76 SKU Container Size Packing Type 425-S00202 11 oz Aerosol Can LUBRICANTS & PENETRANTS Corrosion Inhibitors Zinc Galvanized Spray Features: Zinc rich rust preventative finish for industrial applications. For use on galvanized and non-galvanized surfaces. No topcoat needed. Fill Amount : 13 oz Packing Type : Aerosol Can Color : Grey Applicable Materials : Metal Surfaces; Galvanized Surfaces Applications : Rust and Corrosion Prevention; Repair and Touch-Up Galvanized Surface Chemical Compound : Zinc Odor/Scent : Petroleum Type : Corrosion Inhibitor SKU Capacity Vol. Container Size 905-SPRAY-GALV-13OZ 13 oz Chain & Cable Fluids Features: Superior penetrating oil. A cleansing non-gumming oil. Lubricates wire rope, chains, cables, any moving metal surfaces. Prevents rust and corrosion. Protects brightwork, loosens rusty nuts and bolts. Ideal for tapping and drilling. Color : Amber Odor/Scent : Sweet Applicable Materials : Metal Surfaces Applications : Cable; Chain; Slide Resistance : Corrosion; Road Grime; Rust; Salt Water Specific Gravity : 0.93 Type : Penetrating Oil SKU Container Size Packing Type 293-L0135-063 12 oz Spray Can LU 201 Open Gear & Wire Rope Lubricants Features: Penetrates to core of wire rope, minimizing internal friction. "Travels" on metal surfaces, displacing water to provide excellent rust protection. Contains no chlorinated solvents or O.D.P. Does not rub off. Equipped with extension tube. Withstands high pressures. Does not become brittle or break down while working. Temp. Range : 0F - 450F Color : Black Odor/Scent : Mild Solvent Applicable Materials : Most Metals Applications : Cable; Exposed Gears; Gear Boxes; Machine Tools; Metal Forming Presses; Roller Chains; Winches; Wire Rope Resistance : Water; Wear; Weather VOC : 0.6% Specific Gravity : 0.74 Type : Heavy Duty SKU Container Size Packing Type 425-S00201 12 oz Aerosol Can 1.800.678.6577

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