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130 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Black Moly Extreme Pressure Compounds Features: High concentration of molybdeum disulfide for extreme pressure applications. Protects and lubricates metal parts in high friction, high pressure environments. Provides smooth break-in of new and rebuilt equipment. Color : Dark Gray Chemical Compound : Lubricious molybdenum disulfide in grease Thickener : Lithium Soap Resistance : Pressure up to 500,000 psi and temperatures up to 750F Applicable Materials : Component assembly and roller bearings exposed to extreme pressure, high temperature and slow operating speeds Applications : Adjusting Screws; Crushing Mills; Equipment Break-in; Highly Loaded Bearings <500 RPM; Hot Exhaust Fans; Machine Tool Parts; Press Fit Assemblies; Screw Jacks; Steel Forming Gates and Slides Physical Form : Paste SKU Capacity Wt. Packing Type Temp. Range Flash Point 535-NSB-150 1 lb Flat Top Can -10 F - 750F 475 F Blue Moly Compounds Features: Provides excellent protection against extreme pressure and high temperatures. Contains no graphite, lead or copper and can be used in applications where these are undesirable or prohibited. Temp. Range : -150F - 1500 F Color : Blue Chemical Compound : Molybdenum Disulfide Resistance : Heat; Corrosion; Rust; Seizure Flash Point : 482 F SKU Capacity Wt. Packing Type 535-NBBT-16 16 oz Brush Top Can High Temperature Stainless Lubricating Compounds Features: Excellent resistance to corrosion. Prevents seizure at high temperatures. Resists galvanic action between dissimilar metals. Speeds disassembly. Prevents galling. Resists alkaline solutions, chemical and acid vapors, road salt, steam, salt water and iodized water. NLGI Grade : 1 Color : Silver Gray Chemical Compound : Stainless Steel; Graphite; Aluminum Resistance : Heat; Corrosion; Rust; Seizure Applications : Fasteners in Steel Mills and Power Plants; Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Pump Fittings and Unions; Fasteners in Exhaust Manifolds; Reactor Bolts; Turbine Bolts; Gauges; Fittings SKU Capacity Wt. Packing Type Temp. Range Flash Point 535-NSSBT-16 1 lb Brush Top Can -297F - 2200 F 482 F Copper Anti-Seize Lubricants Features: Prevents seizure up to 2600 F (1427 C). Contains no lead, copper, graphite, chlorides, phosphorous, silicone or halogens. Protects against seizure, rust and corrosion. Prevents water wash-off. Can be used with ammonia, acetylene and vinyl monomers. Safe on stainless steel when temperatures exceed 550 F (288 C). Will not run, drip or settle out. NLGI Grade : 1-1.5 Thickener : Aluminum Applicable Materials : Metals Applications : Bushings; Engines; Flanges; Furnaces; Heat Exchangers; Manifolds; Nults; Bolts Odor/Scent : Slight Petroleum SKU Capacity Wt. Temp. Range Color Chemical Compound Physical Form Specific Gravity Flash Point Packing Type: Brush Top Bottle 428-03910 1 lb -65F - 2,600F Silver Gray Nickel Paste 1 - 1.2 >429.8 F Packing Type: Aerosol Can 428-02916 12 oz -65 F - 1800 F Bright Copper Petroleum Gases Gas 0.99 >104 F E-Z Break Anti-Seize Compound Features: Contains fine metallic particles to tenaciously coat and protect metal from heat, pressure and corrosion. Protects against galling, seizing and corrosion and keeps components working longer in harsh environments. Serves as an extreme pressure lubricant. Non-settling formula. Non-toxic, lead free. Temp. Range : 1800 F Color : Copper Gray Chemical Compound : Copper Resistance : Rust; Corrosion Applicable Materials : Stainless Steel Applications : Bolt; Flange; Nut; Spline; Valve Physical Form : Paste Odor/Scent : Oil Specific Gravity : 1.3 Flash Point : 410F SKU Capacity Wt. Packing Type 434-08910 10 oz Brush-In-Cap ORSNASCO.COM

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