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124 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Visible Dye Penetrant Systems Features: The visible liquid dye penetrant testing is a three-step process of detecting faults in welds, castings, exotic alloys and standard materials. Faults could be cracks, pin holes or welding laps on the mateal surface. SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form 368-DNF315-16 16 oz Aerosol 368-DF315-16 16 oz Aerosol 368-CNF315-16 16 oz Aerosol 368-PHF315-16 16 oz Aerosol Spotcheck SKC-S Features: Used in the liquid penetrant inspection process. Non-halogenated. Used on a moist cloth to remove surface penetrant from the inspection area prior to applying developer. SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form Packing Type 387-01-5750-35 1 gal Liquid Can 387-01-5352-35 1 gal Liquid Can 387-01-5352-40 5 gal Liquid Pail 387-01-5125-40 5 gal Liquid Pail 387-01-5750-78 16 oz Liquid Aerosol Can Spotcheck SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Penetrant Features: Red color contrast Offers maximum reliability in locating surface-open flaws and discontinuities. Has been successfully used on non-porous ceramics and other similar materials. SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form Packing Type 387-01-5155-35 1 gal Liquid Can 387-01-5155-78 16 oz Liquid Aerosol Can Spotcheck SKL-WP2 Water Washable Penetrants Features: Convenient low odor, water washable penetrant that exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics and discontinuity identification. Red visible dye. Eliminates the need for solvent removers or emulsifiers in the elimination of excess surface penetrant. SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form Packing Type 387-01-5190-35 1 gal Liquid Bottle 387-01-5190-40 5 gal Liquid Pail 387-01-5190-78 16 oz Liquid Aerosol Can Penetrants NDT Cleaner - Standard Grade Features: For preparing surfaces and removing NDT penetrant. Evaporates quickly. Can also be used as an effective all-purpose cleaner. Packing Type : Aerosol Can SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form 905-NDT-CLN-STD-AER 15 1/4 oz Liquid NDT Fault Check Penetrant Features: Purple colored dye to reveal surface flaws. Can be used on certain ceramics. Solvent removable. Packing Type : Spray Can SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form 905-NDT-PEN-AER 9 1/2 oz Liquid Spray Standard NDT Fault Check Developer Features: Detects and magnifies flaws when used with Best Welds Penetrant. Dries quickly. Economical size. Packing Type : Spray Can SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form 905-NDT-DEV-STD-AER 14 1/2 oz Liquid Spray Developer Dye Penetrants Features: Convenient, non-aqueous standard wet developer that sprays out white for red dye indications. Locates surface flaws quickly and easily. Excellent for finding cracks in production equipment, manufactured parts and spot checking of stress susceptible machinery. Does not require additional equipment to provide visible indications under normal light conditions, perfect for field testing without downtime. Test & Approvals : Meets ASME Section V Halogen and Chloride Content Requirements SKU Capacity Vol. Physical Form 437-D101-A 12 oz Liquid ORSNASCO.COM

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