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122 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Magnaglo 14AM Prepared Oil Bath Features: Fluorescent prepared bath combines 14A powder with Carrier II oil. Ready-to-use without measuring and mixing. Used to locate fine surface and subsurface discontinuities such as: inclusions, seams, shrink cracks, tears, laps, flakes, welding defects, and grinding, quenching or fatigue cracks. Packing Type : Aerosol Can SKU Type 387-01-0145-78 Magnetic Particle Inspection Fluid Magnaglo 20B Wet Method Preblended Dry Mixes Features: Easy-to-use fluorescent wet method mix. Pre-blended mix of 14A particles and WA-2B conditioner. Suspension medium: water. Packing Type : Container SKU Capacity Wt. Type 387-01-0179-71 1 lb Fluorescent Magnetic Particles Magnaglo Aqua-Glo 14A Wet Method Fluorescent Premix/Waters Features: Fluorescent wet method solution. Prepared solution of 14A particles in a water based medium. Packing Type : Aerosol Can SKU Type 387-01-1725-38 Fluorescent Magnetic Particles Magnaglo Carrier II Oil Features: Convenient carrier oil is a suspension vehicle formulated for magnetic particle testing. Virtually odor-free. Low-viscosity oil, with no fluorescence. Contains high flash point in excess of 200F. SKU Packing Type Container Sizr 387-01-2122-45 Drum 55 Gal 387-01-2122-40 Pail 5 Gal Leak Detectors Features: Non-Toxic, non-flammable. Does not collect dust. Does not contain chlorine, aliphalic amines, or ammonium compounds. Temp. Range : 27.0 F - 200 F SKU Capacity Vol. Applications Wt. 747-1GAL-SNOOP 1 gal Gases 9.51 lb 747-8OZ-SNOOP 8 oz Gases 1/2 lb Magnetic Particles Magnaglo 14A Wet Method Fluorescent Magnetic Particles Features: Fluorescent wet method particles. Most widely used, general purpose. Highly sensitive and meets all wet method specifications. Suspension medium: water or oil. Packing Type : Container SKU Capacity Wt. Type 387-01-0130-71 1 lb Fluorescent Magnetic Particles Magnaglo 14A Wet Method Redi-Bath Fluorescent Premix Concentrates Features: Fluorescent wet method solution. Concentrated mix of 14A particles, water, wetting agent, and corrosion inhibitor. Easy-to-use, just add concentrate to water. Packing Type : Bottle SKU Capacity Wt. Type 387-01-9130-41 27 oz Fluorescent Magnetic Particles Magnaglo 14AM Fluorescent Premixed Prepared Bath with Carrier ll Features: Ready-to-use fluorescent wet method bath. Prepared bath of 14A particles and Carrier II oil vehicle. Assures proper concentration. No mixing or measuring. Suspension medium: oil. Packing Type : Pail SKU Type Capacity Vol. 387-01-0145-40 Fluorescent Magnetic Particles 5 Gal ORSNASCO.COM

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