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116 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner V Features: Fast dry nonflammable electronics cleaner. Removes, dirt, dust, flux and light oils. Compatible with most plastics. Color : Clear Applicable Material : Electronics; Metals; Plastic Removes : Dirt; Flux; Oil; Other Contaminants Chemical Compound : Tetrafluoroethane; Bromopro Dichloropentafluoropropane; Methyl Alcohol Odor/Scent : Solvent VOC : 26.8% Specific Gravity : 1.39 SKU Capacity Vol. 019-A368-16 11 oz Tide Floor and All-Purpose Cleaners Features: High levels of surfactant and builders combined to cut through tough grease. UL Classified for slip resistance. Easy-rinse powder formula is ideal for quarry tile. Color : White Removes : Dirt;Grime;Stains Chemical Compound : Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate;Sodium Carbonate Specific Gravity : 2.602 SKU Capacity Vol. 608-02364 36 lb D'Gel Cable Gel Solvents Features: Removes cable gels (Icky-PIC), blocking compounds, flooding and filling compounds. Contains no water. No ozone depletion potential. Rinses with water for easy clean up. Dielectric Strength : 39 kV Color : Clear Applicable Material : Cable Insulations;Components;Plastics;Metal Removes : Grease;Oil Chemical Compound : Petroleum Hydrocarbon/d-Limonene Odor/Scent : Orange VOC : 100% Specific Gravity : >1 SKU 429-61244 Industrial Strength Cleaners & Degreasers Features: A unique blend of non-toxic, biodegradable detergents that form a powerful, non-flammable, extra heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser. Is gentle enough for cleaning clothes, upholstery, and carpet, but strong enough for heavy duty projects like cleaning engines and construction equipment. Odor/Scent : Mild Chemical Compound : "2-Butoxyethanol; Ethoxylated Alcohol; Tetrasodium Ethylenediamine Tetraacetate; Sodium Silicate; Water" SKU Capacity Vol. Applicable Material Removes 483-102 1 gal Kitchen; Laundry; Patio; Bathroom; Garage Grease; Grime; Oil; Soap Scum 483-106 5 gal Kitchen; Laundry; Patio; Bathroom; Garage Grease; Grime; Oil; Soap Scum 483-132 32 oz Household Cleaning; Garage/Home; BBQ Grill Grease; Grime; Oil; Soap Scum 483-104 55 gal Dip Tanks; Industrial Machinery;Oil Rigs; Fabric; Carpet Grease; Grime; Oil; Soap Scum Safety Solvents Features: Fast drying. Non-flammable and non-conductive formula can be used on motors while running. Leaves no residue. Dielectric Strength : 32,000 V/mil Color : Colorless Removes : Dirt; Grease; Grime Chemical Compound : Chlorinated Solvent Odor/Scent : Chlorinated Solvent SKU Capacity Vol. 480-S101 20 oz Brake Parts Cleaner II Features: Thirty-five state VOC compliant. Paint and plastic safe formula. Color : Clear Removes : Dirt; Grease; Brake Fluid; Contaminants Chemical Compound : Heptane Odor/Scent : Solvent VOC : 95% Specific Gravity : 0.685 SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount 019-A734-20 20 oz 14 oz ORSNASCO.COM

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