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115 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS ZeroTri Heavy-Duty Degreasers Features: Fast evaporating. Instant degreasing action. Ideal for cleaning metals. Heavy-duty solvent. Does not contain chlorinated solvents. No rinsing and no residue. Instant penetrating action. Safe to use on most surfaces. Inverted spray valve. Color : Clear Removes : Oil; Grease; Wax; Moisture; Dirt Odor/Scent : Fruity SKU Capacity Vol. Applicable Material Chemical Compound VOC Specific Gravity: - .75 gm/ml @ 77F (25C) 428-03528 1 gal Safe To Use On Most Surfaces Acetone, n-Heptane, methylcyclohexane, pentyl acetate, carbon dioxide 63% Specific Gravity: - 0.74 - 0.76 428-03505 5 gal Metals Acetone 65% 428-03555 55 gal Metals Acetone 65% Daraclean 282 Alkaline Cleaners Features: Low foaming, all-purpose alkaline cleaning solution. Formulated with a blend of surfactants, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors. Designed for immersion, ultrasonic and spray applications. Color : Yellow Applicable Material : Most Metals Removes : Broad Range of Soils Chemical Compound : Nonylphenol Ethoxylate VOC : 6 g/L at 10% Specific Gravity : 1 SKU Capacity Vol. 387-01-6000-40 5 gal PSC Plastic Safe Cleaners Features: Formulated for contact cleaning. Nonflammable. Nonconductive. Fast evaporation. No rinsing and no residue. Displaces moisture. For contact cleaning of oxides and other contaminant build-ups on fine parts, electrical contacts, and electrical assemblies. Dielectric Strength : 8.5 kv Color : Colorless Applicable Material : Metals; Plastic Removes : Dirt; Moisture; Dust; Flux; Oxides Chemical Compound : Refrigerant Gas; Isopropyl Alcohol Odor/Scent : Mild Ether-like VOC : 30.6% (California Consumer Product Regulations); 11.6% (U.S. State and Federal Consumer Product Regulations) Specific Gravity : 1.34 SKU Capacity Vol. 428-04620 18 oz TriFree Brake Cleaners Features: Heavy-duty performance. Instant degreasing action. Improves brake performance. Does not contain chlorinated solvents. Helps stop disc brake squeal. Fast evaporation. High solvency. No rinsing and no residue. Heavy-duty performance. Does not contain chlorinated solvents. Color : Colorless Applicable Material : Metals Removes : Grease; Brake Fluid; Oil Chemical Compound : Acetone Odor/Scent : Fruity VOC : 45% Specific Gravity : 0.745 SKU Capacity Vol. 428-03620 15 oz 1.800.678.6577

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