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111 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaners Features: Ready to use for fast, effective cleaning on most washable surfaces. Removes stubborn stains including grease, scuff marks, pencil and crayon marks, smoke film and fingerprints. No rinsing required.Wt.: 2.38 lb SKU Capacity Vol. 395-94368 32 oz DYKEM Remover & Cleaners Features: No hazardous chemicals such as 1,1,1-trichloroethane, or chlorinated solvents. Applicable for plastic. metals and glass. Removes grease, ink, oil and paint. Removes : Grease; Ink; Oil; Paint Chemical Compound : Acetone; Ethanol Odor/Scent : Sweet Solvent SKU Capacity Vol. Applicable Material VOC. 253-82638 1 qt Glass; Metals; Plastic 287 g/l 253-82738 1 gal Plastic; Glass; Metals 287 g/l 253-82838 5 gal Plastic; Glass; Metals 287 g/l 253-82038 16 oz Plastic; Glass; Metals 287 g/l Clean-Up Industrial Safety Solvent/Cleaners Features: Residue-free that and meets the requirements for a high rating of 29,000KV for electrical and energized equipment. Degreaser that penetrates heavy oil and grease products to breakdown and dissolve the petroleum base ingredients to clean the surface prior to painting or preparing for assembly. Dielectric Strength : 29 kV/mm Color : Clear Applicable Material : Metals; Plastic Removes : Dust; Grease; Oil; Paint Chemical Compound : Halocarbon Odor/Scent : Ether SKU Capacity Vol. 399-61542 18 oz Off-Line Contact Cleaners Features: Fast-evaporating, low-odor cleaner for off-line equipment maintenance. Does not leave a film or residue. Safe on most plastics and metals. Does not contain chlorinated solvents. Color : Colorless Applicable Material : Most Plastics and Metals Removes : Contaminants Chemical Compound : Hexane;Isopropanol Odor/Scent : Mild Hydrocarbon VOC : 96% Specific Gravity : 0.7 SKU Capacity Vol. 205-8276 10.9 oz Safety Solvent (NF) Features: Fast-drying, no flashpoint. Removes grease, oils and metallic particles. High Delivery rate flushing action. Demoisturizer penetrant. Dielectric Strength : 36 kV/mm Color : Colorless Applicable Material : Most Metal Removes : Grease;Oil;Metallic Particles;Carbon Dust Chemical Compound : Trichloroethylene Odor/Scent : Mild VOC : 96% Specific Gravity : 1.5 SKU Capacity Vol. 205-8060 20 oz Toolmaker's Ink Removers Features: Use to remove #6001 Toolmaker's Ink Blue. Designed for use in manufacturing facilities. Easily removes ink from machinery and electrical equipment. Color : Clear Applicable Material : Metals; Aluminum; Glass Removes : Ink Chemical Compound : Metals; Aluminum; Glass Odor/Scent : Aromatic VOC : 57% Specific Gravity : 0.71 SKU Capacity Vol. 205-6095 16 oz 1.800.678.6577

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