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107 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction CHEMICALS, LUBRICANTS & PAINTS Clean-R-Carb Carburetor Cleaners Features: Maximizes carburetor performance. Quickly dissolves carburetor deposits such as gum, sludge and varnish to improve fuel system performance and enhance fuel economy. Harmless to catalytic converters and oxygen sensors . Dielectric Strength : 6300 V/mil Color : Clear Applicable Material : Carburetor; Carburetor Components; Intake Parts; Automatic Choke; Exhaust Gas Recycling Valve (EGR) Removes : Carbon Deposits, Grime; Dirt Chemical Compound : Acetone Odor/Scent : Solvent VOC : 70.2 g/L Specific Gravity : 0 78 SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount 125-05381 16 oz Contact Cleaner 2000 Precision Cleaners Features: Removes dirt, light oils and other contaminants. Evaporates quickly, leaves no residue, has no flash or fire point. Use caution on sensitive plastics. Non-conductive and non-corrosive. Contains HCFC (141b) which has use restrictions and may only be sold to professional users for applications consistent with the regulations. Color : Clear Removes : Dust; Fingerprints; Oil; Flux; Soil Chemical Compound : HCFC Odor/Scent : Faint Ether Specific Gravity : 1.24 Applicable Materials : Electrical/Electronic Equipment; Metal Switches; Not recommended for use on Lexan , Noryl or polycarbonate type plastics SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount Dielectric Strength VOC 125-02140 13 oz 13 oz 21,000 V/mil 730 g/L 125-03150 13 oz 13 oz 21,000 V/mil 730 g/L CO Contact Cleaners Features: Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Non-flammable, non-chlorinated, non-staining and non-corrosive. High dielectric strength of 27,600 volts. Contains no VOCs. Contains no Class I or Class II ozone depleting chemicals. NSF Registered (K2) for use in meat and poultry plants. Dielectric Strength : 27,600 V/mil Color : Clear Applicable Material : Electronic Components; Plastics Removes : Dust; Fingerprints; Oil; Dirt Chemical Compound : HFC Base; Tetrafluoroethane Odor/Scent : Etheral and Faint Sweetish Specific Gravity : 1.44 - 1.58 SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount 125-02016 16 oz 14 oz Carb & Choke Cleaners Features: Will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Effectively dissolves deposits such as gum, sludge and varnish. Fast acting cleaning action. Dielectric Strength : 6,300 V/mil Color : Clear Applicable Material : Non-Painted Surfaces Removes : Gum; Sludge; Varnish Chemical Compound : Methanol; Acetone; Toluene Odor/Scent : Aromatic VOC : 4.8 lb/gal; 581 g/L; 70% Specific Gravity : 0.839 SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount 125-03077 16 oz 12 oz Chlor-Free Non-Chlorinated Degreasers Features: Fast drying to help minimize downtime. Leaves no residue. Non-conductive and non-corrosive. Penetrates quickly to remove oil, grease and other contaminants. Dielectric Strength : 20,800 V/mil Color : White Applicable Material : Metals Removes : Grease; Oil Chemical Compound : Organic Solvents Odor/Scent : Mild VOC : 6.2 lb/gal; 744 g/L; 96% Specific Gravity : 0.767 SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount 125-03185 20 oz 14 oz Citrus Degreaser Features: Biodegradable. Dries fast. No Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals. Color : Clear Removes : Adhesive; Grease; Oil; Rust; Sludge; Tar Chemical Compound : Petroleum; d-Limonene Odor/Scent : Citrus SKU Capacity Vol. Fill Amount Dielectric Strength Applicable Material VOC Specific Gravity 125-14172 1 gal 1 gal 35,000 V "Air Tools; Mechanical Brakes; Clutches; Chains; Wireropes" 100% 0.82 125-14170 20 oz 15 oz 58,600 V/ mil Metals 79.4 g/L 0.81 1.800.678.6577

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