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100 2016 Industrial Safety Welding Oilfield Construction ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & TAPES Strapping Tapes Scotch Filament Tapes 898 Features: Transparent polypropylene film reinforced with glass yarn filaments. Superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Suitable for strapping, bundling and reinforcing boxes or containers. Tensile Strength : 380 lb/in Color : Clear SKU Thickness Adhesion to Steel 405-051131-06898 6.6 mil 70 oz/in Scotch Industrial Grade Filament Tapes 893 Features: Clear polyester film backing, strong glass filaments and high shear rubber resin adhesive make this a versatile choice for a wide range of packaging and bundling. Medium tensile strength (300 lbs./inch). Resists stains, splitting and tearing. Works well with dispensers. Tensile Strength : 300 lb/in Color : Clear SKU Thickness Adhesion to Steel 405-051131-06939 6 mil 55 oz/in 405-021200-39846 6 mil 55 oz/in Strapping Tapes Features: Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene. Good adhesion to paper surfaces. Good holding power. Tensile Strength : 100 lb/in Width : 1/2 in Length : 60 yd Color : Translucent SKU Thickness Adhesion to Steel 573-1088285 3.9 mil 69 oz/in Friction Tapes Features: Industry standard for temporary splice coverings on communication and control cables. Consists of one soft, uncured layer bonded to a cured, abrasion-resistant layer. Unique separator allows controlled removal at the user's discretion. An air-tight, waterproof, gas-tight seal is formed when the uncured layer is bonded to itself. Test & Approvals : ASTM-D-4514; Comm. Spec. 6747; HHT 101A Color : Black Base Material : Rubber SKU Width Length Thickness Type 040-1002 3/4 in 60 ft 0.015 in Friction 040-1039 2 in 60 ft 0.015 in Friction 040-2065 28 in 20 ft 0.05 in Cohesive Rubber Flame Retardant Cloth Tapes Features: Flame retardant polyethylene coated waterproof tape. Exhibits outstanding handling characteristics and conforms well to duct systems. Test & Approvals : Conforms to FAA Specification FAR 25.853(a), McDonnell-Douglas Spec DMS 1986 D Lockhead Spec LCP-86-1226-A, and Boeing Spec D 6-8099 Thickness : 12 mil Color : White Base Material : Polyethylene Coated Cloth SKU Width Length 573-1086476 2 in 60 yd Aluminum Foil Tapes Features: Sealing FSK duct wrap: temporary repairs of truck bodies, mufflers, metal containers. Sealing FSK duct wrap. Use for temporary repairs of truck bodies, mufflers, metal containers. Thickness : 4.3 mil Color : Silver Base Material : Rubber SKU Width Length 689-AF-973-3 3 in 50 yd ORSNASCO.COM

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